Roberto Mancini is Italy's new coach

Roberto Mancini is Italy's new coach

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The former coach of Manchester City, Inter and Zenit, among others, เล่น บอล Roberto Mancini has been unveiled as the new coach of the Italian national team.He's signed a contract with the Azzurri until 2020.Mancini will have the difficult task of reconstructing a team that has fallen เล่น บอล short in the recent past, and he takes over from interim coach, Luigi Di Biagio. เล่น บอล
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Re: Roberto Mancini is Italy's new coach

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Which team is interested in Xardan? Sharks said he would move out of Stoke. City after the team fell to the championship and interested to live in the league next.

The Swiss national team scored eight goals in the 2017/18 Premier League, but it saved Stoke from a Champions League defeat.

Shirley has a £ 13.5m tear contract, which has Bet29resulted in the "pot pitcher" And it was reported that Everton received the attention.

Although he is not close to the opportunity to play for another club in Europe. But Shariji admits he is interested in staying in England.

"I'm going to move out of the club, this is not a secret," Sharks said.

Aargauer Zeitung

"I think the English league is perfect for me. I want to stay in England but I do not want to close anything. This is the best league filled with top players. "

At this time, Shari is going to concentrate on the World Cup. His Switzerland will warm up against Spain and Japan before starting the tournament by meeting Brazil on June 17.

The former wing of Bayern Munich revealed that he has enjoyed the สมัคร VegusBrazil national team since the 1998 final and believes that Tate's team will be one of the favorites to win the championship.

"Maybe their value may have fallen in the last few years because of lack of Vegus โปรโมชั่นsuccess. But for me They are one of the most exciting and one of the favorites to win the championship. "

"I was crying when Brazil lost to France in the final and Ronaldo hurt. I want a Ronaldo shirt as a birthday present. He was one of my favorite players in 2002. It was good (Brazil won) in 2002.

"I'm a Brazilian fan. But I do not cry if they lose to Switzerland! "
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