The season in which Barca broke the greatest record of all

The season in which Barca broke the greatest record of all

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Even above and beyond the usual joy of winning a league title, this year is a เว็บ พนัน บอล special one for Barcelona and followers of LaLiga.This was the season in which a side finally beat Real Sociedad's record of 38 games unbeaten.Ernesto Valverde's side drew level against Leganes, 31 games into this season, equalling the Basque side's record set across 1979 and 1980.The Blaugrana combined seven of the final games of last season under Luis Enrique with 31 from 2017/18 under Ernesto Valverde to achieve it.But the run didn't stop there, and Barcelona continue racking up games unbeaten and are now up to 41 without defeat.With the league title now secured, the only doubt will be if Barcelona can do what no side has ever done before in Spain and go a full season unbeaten.It has been done elsewhere, such as in the เว็บ พนัน บอล Premier League, but never in Spain.As things are now, only four sides can deny that, starting with Real Madrid who travel to the Camp Nou next weekend.Survival of El Clasico, the toughest remaining fixture on paper, and Barcelona must avoid defeat to เว็บ พนัน บอล Villarreal and Real Sociedad at home and away at Levante.
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Re: The season in which Barca broke the greatest record of a

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Oh this is such a cool reminder and didn't expect to see it here. Thanks so much for sharing. It's a lot more interesting than my uncle's work today that I had to watch for but I get it. Thanks again my friend.
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