Logopedic exercises

Logopedic exercises

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A speech therapist is a specialist who studies speech, knows how to correct its defects, and adjust speech activity. Each person has an innate ability to speak, but not always becoming smooth.Children's speech therapist in Moscow It may be necessary, if mum and dad noticed that the child's speech abilities are lagging behind the skills of peers. Of course, the rate of development of each child is individual. The following information will serve as a guide for you. By the half-year, the walk is usually replaced by babbling (repetition of syllables ma-ma, ba-ba, ha-ha, gu-gu). And by the year, babbling has turned into "babbling words" (mother, ayai, ave, a woman). By a year and a half or two, words from an adult dictionary appear.
The compilation of phrases and the development of coherent speech at the age of over two years is considered the normspeech therapist. For babies 3 years characteristic of the emergence of "adult" speech (sentences of 4-6 words), the mastery of all sounds. If this process is delayed, we needspeech therapist for children in Moscow. By the age of six or seven, the child must speak competently with regard to syntax, grammar, and phonetics of the native language. Speech problems, not eliminated by school age, will affect the learning process and complicate adaptation among peers.

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