SBOBET Should Real Madrid sign a No. 9?

SBOBET Should Real Madrid sign a No. 9?

Postautor: thorng » 26 lip 2018, o 08:19


The 50 goals per season that Cristiano Ronaldo brought with him have been sold off to Juventus and thus Real Madrid need to decide on how they are going to replace them.
It simply boils down to a case of either trusting those already at the club or spending some of that 100 million euro fee, or even more of it, SBOBET on a new No. 9.
The question of whether the club will ask Lucas Vazquez, Marco Asensio or Isco to step is fairly moot, as all will be expected to pick up the slack in some way.

Instead, the majority of the focus is likely to be on Karim Benzema and Gareth Bale, who, respectively, scored 12 from 47 and 21 from 39 last campaign, plus a combined 15 assists.
Those 33 goals don't get close to the 44 that Ronaldo managed singlehandedly with questions over the Frenchman's clinical finishing and his Welsh teammate's fitness not yet answered.
Finally, the only other place to look inside the club is a somewhat unknown figure, such as Borja Mayoral or Raul de Tomas. SBOBET The former impressed at times in 2017/18 while the latter netted 24 goals for Rayo Vallecano, albeit in Segunda Division.
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Re: SBOBET Should Real Madrid sign a No. 9?

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