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Green Vibe Forskolin Gastritis and colitis, both find great benefits and often the final solution to the problem, as they no longer take meat and sausages, they have less acidity and digestion is much more effective. Hypertension under control, with vegetables the sodium responsible for hypertension is better controlled, and by taking more potassium this favors its maintenance at a good level It prevents diabetes, as we know this pathology is typical of modern times, and, in fact, it is constantly increasing, with the vegetarian diet diabetes is more easily managed for the affected people, in all other cases it is daily prevention These are the main benefits but not the only ones, in fact, the vegetarian diet brings many other important benefits, concretely improving the quality of life of those who choose it. The solvable cons The counter although not dramatic are, for example, the lack of vitamin B12 found in meat, which however we can find in many plant-based foods that contain B vitamins and are: Green leafy vegetables such as chicory, spinach, rocket and chard, these for the B vitamins For B12 a fair amount is found in legumes, brown rice, cereals, bread and pasta While B9 we find it in walnuts, banana berries and brewer's yeast Considerations The advantages are certainly superior to the cons , which however are well solvable, a relevant datum on the quality of the vegetarian diet , is that, on average, a vegetarian lives at least 7 years more than an omnivore, the choice is yours. The solution to lose weight without sacrificing the table It is the choice to the many dietary expedients to lose weight, no supplements or too strict diets, with some recipes to follow for more or less short periods you can lose weight and regain your lost form . To remember that to make these simple recipes effective, it is necessary to eliminate or reduce the consumption of processed sugars , carbonated drinks and limit the consumption of alcohol , replace red meat with white or fish , for no more than a couple of times a week.
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