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Speech therapy

PostZamieszczono: 14 pa┼║ 2019, o 08:45
autor: marialucy
My name is maria Lucy. My wedding is around the corner I have chosen the Phuket Wedding Planner for my wedding and they have planned a speech session for my wedding day in which each of my relative will give a speech for me sharing some beautiful memories and giving some valuable advice by the problem is that my grandmother can not speak properly as she is quiet old and she had minor paralysis 5 years ago but shes a little better now so i want you to know some authentic speech exercises which can give quick results also if anyone can suggest a speech therapist for her so she can talk and give a speech on my wedding.

Re: Speech therapy

PostZamieszczono: 3 gru 2019, o 11:13
autor: watchout
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