mało mówi

mało mówi

Postautor: Dorota » 15 mar 2011, o 13:36

Mój 3 - letni synek mało mówi, dość często choruje czy to może być przyczyną ?
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Re: mało mówi

Postautor: marta » 19 mar 2011, o 11:46

Bez zobaczenia i zbadania dziecka trudno jest stwierdzić przyczynę opóźnienia mowy.
Jednak chciałabym zaznaczyć, że najczęstszą przyczyną niedosłuchów u dzieci są niedoleczone przeziębienia, częste infekcje ucha, podawane zbyt mocne antybiotyki, słuch jest nam potrzebny do rozwoju mowy, zatem skoro syn często choruje, może warto zacząć od wykonania badania słuchu?
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Re: mało mówi

Postautor: czfgege » 23 wrz 2017, o 08:55

Guangzhou Branch Investment Bank, has a deep peace background. Pingyin mine in May this year appeared in the music as the sports B + round Under Armour Curry financing of the shareholders list, and as music as a member of the Sports Strategy Development Committee. On Dr Martens Donna the other hand, some of the domestic loans accounted for the majority of the total amount of Ping An Bank's total loans, and the situation is more complex. It is reported that the depth of cooperation with the North of peace and peace began in early 2016, mainly through the music as holdings for lending operations. 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Jia Yue Ting and music as a high risk of equity pledge July 3 It is reported that the Shanghai Higher People's Court on June 26, 2017 issued a document shows that China Merchants Bank Co., Ltd. Shanghai branch in Sichuan on June 26, 2017, Apply to the Shanghai Higher People 's Court for property Nike Air Max 2 CB 94 preservation, the application was ruled by the court to comply with the law. (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Canada Goose Le Watch Holdings (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and Jia Yue Ting, Gan Wei under the name of the bank deposits totaling 1.237 billion yuan, or seizure, the court of the specific content of the ruling: frozen music movement Hong Kong Limited, music as mobile intelligent information technology (Beijing) Seizure of other equivalent property. This is the first time since the financial crisis occurred, the bank initiated by the UGG Botas negro bank debt coercive measures. 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Head Office Sales Department, China Minsheng Trust Co., Ltd., Bank of Communications Co., Ltd. Beijing Xuanwu branch of the three banks have equity mortgage business relationship. Among them, the China People's Health Trust Co., Ltd., Bank of Communications Co., Ltd. Beijing Xuanwu branch held 10%, 1.6% of the music as the new electronic technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. pledged equity; CITIC Bank Co., Carrefour company Beijing Fortune Times Co., Ltd. and Beijing 100 New Century Business Management Co., Ltd. 100% pledged equity. According to the public information, Le Wei as the new electronic technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. for the music as the actual operating companies, Beijing Fortune Times Co., Ltd. and Beijing 100 New Century Business Management Co., Ltd. for the holdings of Beijing Real Estate Shijiazhuang three entities. Can be seen, Bank, Minsheng, CITIC and music companies are inextricably linked. As the music companies are music as a non-listed company system, publi
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