5-latek niemówiący w przedszkolu

5-latek niemówiący w przedszkolu

Postautor: wera » 20 mar 2011, o 21:35

Mój syn (5 lat) od września chodzi do przedszkola, ale nie odzywa się tam ani słowem. W domu rozmawia, mówi jak najęty, z rodziną rozmawia, a do wszystkich innych się nie odzywa. Trochę sepleni. Czy takie zachowanie może być spowodowane blokadą przez to seplenienie?
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Re: 5-latek niemówiący w przedszkolu

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orters, obviously from the big summer vacation since he asked him to have money, said on the outside by the money is not on, 'I asked, his son just said when he squandered 'Because the son does not love to speak, they did not ask too much. Mr. Liu said that since then, he has been on his son for another 25 million, of which the highest one has 70,000 yuan. Although also suspected his son infected with usury, but because of his son did not speak to the inside, afraid of children anxious, they did not ask too much. Liu said that he and his wife are laid-off workers, but every month will be on time to his son's card to play 1,500 yuan. He did not understand, seemingly not the lack of money why the son of the loan platform from the network loan, where money is used in what he did not know. Liu said that in addition he was also found on the child's cell phone recorded a video on June 26, clearly facing the camera said his identity card number and the amount of loans from a platform after the guarantee, overdue voluntarily bear the relevant Legal responsibility and interest costs five per day ... ... video, you can see clearly the neck has two obvious marks. Obviously family speculation, obviously during his lifetime is likely to be a lender of coercion and injury was forced to take a video and eventually embarked on a dead end. Obviously whether the coercion, the Nike Free 5.0 V4 police will fully investigate yesterday (June 30) afternoon, the reporter learned from the Xianyang City Public Security Bureau Qinling Branch, after the incident, the area police station rushed to the scene the first time, after investigation to exclude the kill, Obviously committed suicide. And for Adidas Scarpe the obvious family was clearly suspected of being coercion, the police said they would investigate. Reporters survey: loans only ID, student ID and student information yesterday (June 30), the reporter saw on the phone, he gave several of the borrowing platform to provide information, only student ID, student information and ID card. From the obvious and more than 'campus loan' platform staff chat dialogue can be seen, 2,000 yuan per loan, obviously can only UGG Botas negro get 1400 yuan, and he has to repay $ 2,000 and loan interest. Xianyang, a borrowed platform in the money through the college students to reporters confirmed that the 'campus loan' procedure is very simple, just provide their own identity information and contact information, after review will be able to withdraw money. As for the reasons for borrowing is also varied, some people want to buy mobile phones, some people in order to buy cosmetics, some people to travel ... ... in short, are ahead of consumption. The above students, at present, the campus loan, including specifically for college students staging shopping platform, piumini moncler outlet P2P loan platform and the traditional business platform to provide credit services. But without exception, once caught in which will produce high interest. Some people once not on the money, East and West Minato, will appear in a number of platform loans, and let the arrears 'snowball' situation. Parents chase: want to sue the lending company to the children to Nike Air Max Shoes Outlet make a fair June 28, the CBRC official website issued a message that the CBRC, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Canada Goose Brookvale Hoody Social Affairs jointly issued a notice requiring the school loan business loans to suspend the new Campus network loan business standard, and according to their own stock business situation, to develop a clear exit rectification plan. At the same time, without the Blauer Nuovo approval of the banking regulatory authorities shall not be allowed to enter the campus for college students to provide credit services. According to statistics, under the weight of remediation, as of June 23, 2017, the country a total of 59 campus loan platform to choose to withdraw from the campus loan market. Mr. Liu said that if the relevant departments to pay early attention to the threat of school loans, and Zapatos Nike Shox perhaps children will not be shortcomings. 'Children are still in school, there is no independent economic capacity, why do not do any assessment of these platforms, give students to lend, they do not consider the students can not afford it, this is too irresponsible.' Mr. Liu said, Son of the death of the child in addition to their own reasons, and these platforms free of charge to the child is not unrelated. He Zapatos Under Armour Curry said, will sue these companies to the children to discuss a fair.The upper limit of human life is 115 years old? Questionnaire of the Research Group of Five Countries A US claim that the ceiling for human life is 115 years old, and has been questioned by five research teams from Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, the UK and Canada. On June 28th, the five skeptics were published online in the journal Nature, refuting the conclusion of the original paper, arguing that the data were difficult to convince, and there were suspicions such as circular argumentation. The original paper is also published in the 'Nature' journals. One of the most longevity people in the world, the author of one of the questions in China, even called the original paper
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