Czy rozwój mowy dziewczynek i chłopców ma różny przebieg?

Czy rozwój mowy dziewczynek i chłopców ma różny przebieg?

Postautor: GiGi » 22 mar 2011, o 21:06

Czy rozwój mowy dziewczynek i chłopców ma różny przebieg? Podobno chłopcy zaczynają później mówić, czy to prawda ?
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Re: Czy rozwój mowy dziewczynek i chłopców ma różny przebieg

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ral years - but she happens to be green, not the sun's most warm seven days of the day. You listen to it, 'ah, you bar me!' 'Ah, to die you!' 'Crash' 'bang rattling' ... pencil case, books, flying a classroom. Students have a lot of fishing children. School out, orchards come to the head, that is, how Nike Roshe Run Pattern can not see the marginal sea. Sea breeze rolled white sand, through the long road, from the classroom windows, bedroom New Balance Scarpe windows, living room windows, kitchen windows - uninvited, leisurely fall on my lips, do not go, The taste, alas, my life is the taste buds. And fell on the mother's window outside the radish body, told me to France, as if the dream wake up, alas, my hometown of the sea. - said the fishing school students it They are not convinced. If we go to school late to what, you see, the teachers have a count, are my mother's school sent, approved, punished, but also special attention to the charity posture, cut! And fishermen students, and some live Huludao, not only from school to fly a small fishing boat to the sea, into the sea, and fishing with the weather to go, scraping a rain under what rain, not only light can be late, early Withdrawal, or even a few days do not come to school! When their seats were blank, the teachers had worries about their mothers, and the podium said: Oh, this storm, alas, they are missing. Those days the storm is really big ah, my seat at the window, I looked far from the wind wrapped in rain whistling, all the way to the trees, grass deep down the body, and then deeply back, The wind and rain to the farther me, I sat in the three-story teaching building, watching the wind and rain, crashed blowing, they are gone, I touch a wet face, like a Shed chicken. But my house has radish. Radish is not everything at home. Such as my little dead party, Xia, from Taiyuan; Xiao, from Gansu; wishful, from Jilin Mei River mouth. 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