połykanie niemowlęce - syn 9 lat

połykanie niemowlęce - syn 9 lat

Postautor: Mama Ali » 22 mar 2011, o 21:57

Mój starszy syn ma 9 lat. Zaczął mówić bardzo wcześnie, świetnie się rozwijał językowo. Obecnie jednak zaczyna mówić między - zębowo podczas realizacji głosek ciszących. Zawsze w wolej chwili ma uchyloną buzię, a język spoczywa na dolnych zębach. Wiem, że wynika to z utrwalonego niemowlęcego sposobu połykania. Ortodontka dała nam wkładkę przedsionkową, którą stosowaliśmy przez jakiś czas, w ciągu dnia. Potrafi przełknąć ślinę z językiem na górnych zębach, ale to nie wystarczy. Ma też nieco przerośnięty trzeci migdał, ale nie na tyle, aby go operować. Co robić, żeby wreszcie Marcinek "zamknął buzię"?
Mama Ali
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Re: połykanie niemowlęce - syn 9 lat

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heir Dr Martens Donna pride. Father felt at this age from distress, every day can concentrate on tea, is a great happiness. From small to large, never seen his father angry, do not drink, and later even smoke are quit. We live in a family of three living room, he went home from the factory every day, the most important thing is to do for him to do that simple desk polished clean, heard the tea washed the table will be cooler , He was pious every day with a small cup of hawthorn tea wipe, in fact, just to let me write homework when more cool. With the same age partners who fist, tobacco and alcohol compared to the father, the father's behavior is particularly special. And my hour is also a very obedient child, in the majority of parents worry about things, they can almost be used to show off. I study very well, and never need to urge others, not fun, at most, watching TV. The home of the cabinet never lock, they have been very relieved that I would not like other children to steal home money to spend like. Slightly larger, other students have a trendy brain equipment, learning, tonic, the magic effect of glasses, and so on. At that time the parents face the price of these devices also make it difficult, like I am sorry I like, but the fact that drink sugar canada goose outlet to drink water than to drink syrup to promote growth. Probably still I dream of growing up later to get a Nobel Prize for the glory of the motherland, the father began to drink tea. He got a little white porcelain pot, wiping was smooth and smooth, every day at noon will be rolling to a pot, dry in the windowsill. Thin tea leaves on the screen window to UGG Botas negro leave a piece of stains. This is our initial understanding of tea: bitter water with color only. Remember there is a very clear situation. 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Slightly naughty to say: you young people love to drink coffee I did not opinion, but in my house, only tea. - Qinru heart and soul feeling, probably only sipping the father of the tea when you can taste. Sometimes late at night writing, coffee has been unable to save God, then a cup of tea out. Tea is lingering in the lamp. Every other, then the fingers are lazy, imagination. According to grandmother and mother said, his father had refused to Zapatos Under Armour Curry grandfather and genealogy to give me a good name, but also refused to birthday on the character of the auspicious words, and bent on using his own good 'Jun'. To this day he did not tell me to take the word intention, only said: my own son's name, of course, have my own, this is my right. His own insistence also extended in my early growth, such as teaching me to practice brush, back Tang poetry, take me to see I have never seen the crane, train, only dental language on the bike ride me to the English corner, At that age, that group, he should be a call to call mate mahjong drinking entertainment, palm slap enough to obey, fist or talent can only be the attitude of life. But he took me, trying to hold up in a noisy environment, a clear, hoping to pull me and those scholarly children between the gap between the children. Now think back to the Zapatos Nike Shox situation that time, he really is asking for trouble, and self-restraint. Many people say: the image of the father is gradually tall. Everyone will experience from the 'Father is nothing' to 'If you can understand your father earlier, I can take a lot of detours.' How much wisdom a person to see his attitude when faced with hardships. I am still alone in the face of the beginning of society, they feel the burden of hardships are difficult to breathe, recall all kinds of past, only to understand the father of t
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