synek wymawia tylko pierwsze sylaby słów

synek wymawia tylko pierwsze sylaby słów

Postautor: Zebra » 28 mar 2011, o 19:12

Mam 2 letniego synka. I zaczyna mnie martwić jego słabe mówienie. Olek mówi tylko pierwsze sylaby słów, np. zamiast otwórz to o, zamiast buty to bu . Tylko tata, mama, mniam, dzidzi mu wychodzi. Wiem, że to jest mało. Czy jest to bardzo złe, że on tak słabiutko mówi? Czy jest to coś poważnego? Pomóżcie jak możecie...
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Re: synek wymawia tylko pierwsze sylaby słów

Postautor: czfgege » 23 wrz 2017, o 09:44

professional Ye Hao, but the result is the other party is not satisfied with him The There are also female friends, said the same, nothing more than material conditions are not met, such as not a local account, no house, no high-paying jobs, etc., and occasionally have their own willingness, the other non-turn into the male and female vicious circle, pocket Turn, and ultimately difficult to succeed. Blind date is equal, and now more and more young people turned to blind date rather than love. In addition to life, interpersonal circles become smaller, more important reason is the spread of fast food culture, do not want to pay too much energy can get a happy marriage, then blind date is nothing more than UGG Botas negro the best choice. But the blind date Nike Air Max Shoes is also a strength of the Competition, men fight is money, education, status; women fight is the appearance, body, occupation. 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Relative to the blind date, free love on the Under Armour Curry 3 more emotional, a woman can not be beautiful, you can not considerate, men can not money, you can no room. But as long as there is love, then everything can be inclusive. People are not perfect, as long as you like, then everything is good; if not, then all in vain. I also blind date, but also picky too. In fact, is not deliberately pick, but when you do not understand a person and only through external conditions to make the evaluation, then have to pick, a lot of love Nike Scarpe in the time did not care or even acceptable problems will be amplified or even Refuse. Such as men whether smoking, I had never felt that this can be considered a problem, but blind date, intentionally or unintentionally, I will deny all smoking men. 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Space barrier did not let us become strange, but we make the psychological distance closer, maybe this is the so-called 'heart with consonance' it In the night when the insomnia think of her, just then she also sent a similar message, said to think of me, this in the long night filled with happiness is only off-site love can understand. Off-site love is a sad and happy love, everyone is tightly embedded in each other on the head of a tight hoop, think of each other when there is a happy care, but also more than a faint pain scars. Want to put and fit, the more tight hoop, the more you want to hurt, until the embedded in the meat, take root. I think we are like two animals at both ends of the earth, separated by the most distant distanc
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