Co to jest dysleksja rozwojowa?

Co to jest dysleksja rozwojowa?

Postautor: mariolanowak30 » 2 kwie 2011, o 09:40

Witam, jak w temacie proszę o informacje na temat dysleksji rozwojowej?

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Re: Co to jest dysleksja rozwojowa?

Postautor: Lucyna » 3 kwie 2011, o 23:40

Dysleksja rozwojowa to specyficzne trudności w uczeniu się m. in. czytania, pisania, liczenia. Trudności te wynikają z pewnych zakłóceń w rozwoju u dziecka czynności mowy, spostrzegania, pamięci (słuchowej i wzrokowej), ruchu czy koncentracji.
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Re: Co to jest dysleksja rozwojowa?

Postautor: czfgege » 23 wrz 2017, o 10:03

only love can understand, walk in the freshwater river, listen to her favorite, put the warmth back into the pocket.In this autumn a cool night, far from an old song - 'dream clothes', thinking suddenly brought me back to the grandmother's hut, and those who accompanied the Qiong Yao drama through the young ... ... Grandmother's three cabins in the county center of the street, it was the eighties of last century, the commodity economy is underdeveloped, the county almost all the streets are both residents of the cottage, rather than shops. The three huts are the only property of the grandfather's liberation before pulling the blood to buy the money, the two simple and honest, the poor music of the old man guarded the house over a few decades. The cottage is located in the neighborhood, facing the county union. Every summer I will return to my grandmother, spend time in the house is the most relaxed and most relaxed memories of the era of heavy students. Three rooms are tile-roofed house, shop door, no living room bedroom points, each with a bed, outside the living room that the outside, I live in the middle, grandmother live between, the most there is a small kitchen, , But not the same value of something, cousin had described the hut: piumini moncler outlet online 'thief baby child laughed and crying out.' Nike Air Max Shoes Outlet However, this is the hut, but always filled with warm and comfortable, daytime door is always open, neighborhood neighbors with the There is no shortage of light, the most suitable for sleep late (I sleep every day on the three pole, no one woke me); out a few steps is the spontaneous formation of the vegetable market, grandmother every day leaving the bamboo basket West shopping to buy food; grandfather favorite fiddle with the other people to send him on the radio, the volume opened half a street can be heard ... ... as long as a return to the grandmother, I will be completely free! And then no teacher parents urge me to do this to do that grandmother grandmother anything regardless of me, as long as I accompany them, is the most happy thing! Breakfast is generally porridge, if I do not want to eat, the grandfather will give me a few cents to go to the streets to eat brown sugar dumplings: peel the fragrant brown leaves, glutinous rice dumplings poured thick red pond juice, sprinkled with fried soy flour Wow, it's so delicious! Morning I have to learn for a while, and Nike Scarpe online his grandfather share a single table, grandfather with a few dry peas sip, I look around to do that hated summer job. Lunch is generally grandmother good back to the pot of meat, cowpea soup, steamed eggplant (grandmother is not competent housewife, in my impression will do this a few dishes), have to say, then the pork and vegetables are better than now Eat, a fried fried pork, half a street can smell the smell! After dinner, take a nap in the noise of the fan and mosquito buzzing, I, grandfather, grandmother sound sleep, wake up is two or three points. County trade unions every afternoon to put the video, the eighties of last century, the video is absolutely the most popular TV in addition to mass media: Hong Kong and Taiwan Kung Fu Zapatos Under Armour Curry films, romance debut, Qiong Yao opera young and old, the most popular! The blackboard of the trade union door reads the video 'dream clothes', 'the color of the sky', 'but the heart', 'in the water', 'toward the rainbow' ... .... Name has been let people imagination. I was eleven, two years Dr Martens Donna old, just entering the puberty, like to see beautiful handsome guy, cousin took me into the video hall to see a few times, really eye-opener ah: Brigitte Lin, Lu Xiuling, Qin Han, Canada Goose Brookvale Hoody Liu Wenzheng ... ... Fireworks, beautiful people stunning! The heroine of a set of costumes to see me dazzling, the villain live in a beautiful house, open the fashionable car, it is we never seen, so I know the history of the book that UGG Orejeras rojo has not yet liberated Taiwan, the original is so fascinating The Even read a few Qiong Nike Free Run 2 Yao drama, young, I Zapatos Nike Shox think that men and women love is crying for a while will laugh, one will hold a hug, you can love to die, you can also hurt the liver and intestines broken! Cousin better than me a few years old, has begun to fall in love, she looked at will look tears, I also followed sad. Whenever the screen appears men and women kissing the lens, I can not help but heart rate, ear blush. In short, handsome beauty love any action are very seductive, very exciting! Remember to see a video at the time 5 cents, cousin without me, I can not see the money. Every day on the blackboard to change the famous name to attract me, the neighbors of the small partner found the video room inside the glass hanging curtains there is a gap, so we help the children quietly standing outside from the cracks to peep inside. Sometimes curtains are full, they can not see anything, only when the gap can peep, so that we can not choose the content. Some of the repertoire of the repertoire, the impression seen the most is the 'dream clothes', do not know how many times repeated read, never tired, the story back like a stream, each episode of dialogue are clear, learn the play all Of the song,
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