Metoda Tomatisa

Metoda Tomatisa

Postautor: aniamk » 4 kwie 2011, o 22:39

Witam. Czy ktoś z obecnych na forum pracując z dzieckiem z niedosłuchem korzystał z metody Tomatisa? Ciekawi mnie jakie są efekty,jak często odbywają się zajęcia?
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Re: Metoda Tomatisa

Postautor: czfgege » 23 wrz 2017, o 10:04

his head, tears could not stop to roll, so that really love you. Although this feeling is so clear, I still sighed with regret, nothing can say, can not do anything. This love, poorly shrinking, can not lift his head. How many times, want to solemnly put them in front of you, to see you with laughing eyes, go back, timid they have been hit by the wind was full of land, scattered mess. I hold the language but only silence, and the sky is hard to understand the blue as ever. Downstairs no longer have your footsteps, quietly watching the clouds west, silently haggard into a picture of the wall, class split and fuzzy. My heart in the boiling tears after the tempered, slowly falling, clear one. Through the thousands of heavy landscape, is to come here with you missed, no matter how I can not be reconciled, how can not stop, and can only stare at your back finally away from me, silence. You still shook your simple smile, do not pity I was your name hole to wear broken. 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It is a good voice from a number of different corners, is a full of joy and praise of the voice, as if to tell me that the front of the world, that in front of me, but I still can not canada goose store see the world at the moment, in the Every peak of the road, with what dizzy fans have to exclaim the beauty of ah! I envy those voices, but also grateful to those who are cheering the soul, they are in the lead and encourage me to move forward. Of course, because it is in the fog, but also because of the various hesitation on the road, so I may not be able to reach them once stood, had cheered touched the place. I have never been able to find the way to the realm of their kind, but because they UGG Orejeras rojo have seen and told me in the cheers, I have believed them, But also follow them to believe the world. There are many different sounds in the fog. The world also has many different faces and different destinies. I think the most attractive place in life is in its difference and its the same, what kind of an inseparable contradiction! I know that the people around me are totally different from me. Whether it is skin color race, or ups and downs, from a great time space to a tiny finger on the fingerprints, can not be exactly the same, each person is an absolute separation is not the same individual. But I know that the people around me are exactly the same as me. We will smile when we moncler outlet onine are happy, weeping in times of grief, and are eager to get comfort when we are weak. We all love their young children, like the blooming life, away from the homeland will be when the depth of time with the deep nostalgia. So, in those far-coming voices, there is always something that touches us, so that we can rest in the moment, so that you are in the midst of a thousand years Nike Scarpe online of hardships. In that drunken moment, our hearts are surging waves will not consciously spread to the surrounding, in the fog, and gradually turned into a fragmented far away scattered waves. Wave light far away, thousands of miles away, Zapatos Under Armour Curry it will always be one or two people see and therefore issued a two or two gently sigh, right? And that sigh echo may also be in the farther and far away Nike Air Max Lunar from the valley played a more mild response, right? If there is a person who is beyond all this, Zapatos Nike Shox if someone can see every thought of each section of the history of the ins and outs, then how is the roundabout, fine complicated image? The world is so big! Road so long, life is so short, thick fog and so long refused to disperse, then, how can we tell you, I have been to it? How can we tell you that my very long and very short life can not give up all the lust and love it? I do not know what I am doing, but I faintly feel that what I want to do, and at this moment, everything must have to do so! That's why I stopped for a moment at the foggy corner. Heart some words, want to say it. Maybe not necessarily to tell you, maybe something is just to tell yourself. In the fuzzy and anxious thoughts to find a clue, quickly! Quickly take it out, remember, think of ways to use their own words can be understood after it can be described, and then it may become a specific image, it may be left in that fog corner, it may be in a certain Distance, carefully watching. Only to find that the original I turned out to be so hidden inside the image of the inside, can not help but shed tears in the time. Then, in order to turn and move forward. Stay behind the increa
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