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chciałam spytać, jak można odróżnić szybkie mówienie od giełkotu? moje dziecko ma taką tendencję do szybkiej mowy i chciałam się dowiedzieć, jak poznać czy jest to giełkot? jak tak najprościej... takie najprostsze rozróżnienie...?
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Re: Giełkot

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he feelings, are not really feelings. And those who move to say 'talk about money hurt feelings' people, pay attention, and he prepared to take your cheap. Yes, I wrote some articles, say 'I just like money', 'can not UGG Guantes rosado rise to the money of love is not true love', but my premise never changed: we make money is to better express feelings, and Not to make more money to use feelings. There are words on the Internet, it is worth repeatedly try to figure out. 'No purpose of the exchanges, to be moving people.'No self-control of the people, what qualifications to talk about efforts? moncler outlet No self-control of the people, what qualifications to talk about efforts? ?You can have a rich nightlife, as long as the next day you can do a good job of their own work. Is not wrong, depending on whether you can be responsible for your indulgence, or that sentence, no self - control is not enough to talk about life. 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And finally simply did not even go to the examination room. Because the self-control of poor people, there will always be a last amulet: big deal again again slightly The second year, she was a person apply, before the test is still vowed: 'last year did not complete the plan, this year will die to complete.' However, the second year is still, and even the third year. No self-control of the people, often easy to delay the outbreak of the disease, always fee
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