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Mój synek (półtora roku) jest rok po operacji podniebienia miękkiego.
Strasznie się ślini, właściwie zawsze sie ślinił. Teraz kiedy bardziej się rozgadał, to ślinienie
nasiliło się. Sama już nie wiem czy jest to efekt tego, że wychodzą mu kolejne
zęby (górne i dolne trójki) czy tego, że źle domyka buzie przy mówieniu i
naśladowaniu różnych dźwięków.
chciałabym rozpocząć jakieś ćwiczenia z buzią. Napiszcie czy macie ze swoimi
dziećmi jakieś doświadczenie w tej sprawie. Z góry dziękuję za wszystkie rady.
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Re: ślinienie

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cave Forming a circular circular ring pattern. The middle of the plant is a tree like a tree, like Adidas Scarpe online a mold. Cup only fist, if not reference to the object, but also thought how potted it? This piumini moncler outlet online is not finished, is a friend with their own up and said to send potted the friend is also very thought, what things are like her dress style mix and match, but often very effective. The other is similar, but the cup is white, which is equipped with sand is black. The most important difference is that no plants, small A friend said, you have to water the next day, this basin than the pots look good, slowly grow out. With the first pot of beautiful temptation, small A watering on time, every day observation, too hope it grows out early. A month has not yet moved, small A very anxious, tempted, called to ask friends, friends calm to persuade her and so wait. The second month, the third month also passed, small A instead of worry, or on time watering, and occasionally observe its changes, imagine it grow out of the way. Nylon rope cup mat a little open plastic, small A glue with glue, and occasionally found the effect of wood with a coaster better, thousands of picks finally bought a suitable, with more up style. The plant is also long in addition to the new buds, in order to keep the tree, small A bought a scissors trimmed a round shape, took a lot Nike Air Max Shoes Outlet of photos sent to the Internet, friends commented that you turned my Li Bai into Li Qingzhao. Slowly, small A developed to take care of their habits, they also bought the favorite pots and objects, from the mats, pots, plants to the gravel are their own Amoy ride, she is enjoying this process, with the camera Recorded down, and also a lot of like-minded people made friends. Small A home balcony is now filled with plants, all kinds of shapes, all kinds of colors, all kinds of taste, so that the outdoor spring to live at home. Since this little heaven Nike Free Run and earth decorate up, small A particularly like to stay in the balcony, only the beginning of a wooden stool, slowly and then bought a tea, sofa, bookcase, the most satisfied with her in the foreign trade market Amoy carpet, Style of the pattern, just throw away the shoes on the top of the touch will make people feel good. Small A began to drink tea on the balcony, try all kinds of tea practices and taste, also began to buy a lot of books, before always feel no time to read, in fact, is lazy, now as long as the balcony to see a book to feel very happy, no The kind of sense of the previous task. Small A finally learned to brew a lemon black tea, invite friends to taste, thanks to her potted plants. Friends see no sprouting out of the plant Zapatos Nike Shox can Blauer Nuovo not be reconciled, have to explore what happens, the results are ridiculous, the original confused girl forget to put the seeds. Friends feel very sorry, white poured a few months of water. Small A said, I poured out a beautiful balcony. After the friend left, small Canada Goose A readily turned a Nobel Prize winner's presentation, the winner referred to the two solutions to the problem, one is the purpose of type-oriented and curiosity-oriented. The former is to say that the attention of the case completely on the target, bent on seeking to achieve the purpose of the direct method; the latter means that the direction of the effort and the target does not seem to be related, but simply driven by curiosity work. Small A looked at the original no pot of potted plants, that is very interesting. Everything is not just to get the results, the core of life and work is not only a timely solution to the problem, as well as in the elimination of a problem in the process of taking away the ignorance and growth, the problem is temporary, and growth Is eternal.Just because I am a civil servant Just because I am a civil servant ?Today, in the elevator room met the unit political office (organ unit of the political office is equivalent to Personnel) Director, she suddenly said to me, quickly leave the holiday off to play it! I said, where to play? She said, go abroad ah! I said that at most I was not promoted into a deputy, or can apply to go out. She said that after all possible civil servants regardless of level, all can not go abroad; after retirement can not go abroad. In our region, the existing provisions are: above the level of cadres in principle not to go abroad. The so-called principle, in fact, iron law, no leadership is willing to take a little risk for you to sign you. I am still only a small discipline, only a step away from the deputy, so the Director of Political Affairs said to me. Originally thought he was just staying in the unit of the hundreds of square meters of the cage, and now suddenly found, Zapatos Under Armour Curry was locked in a larger cage, a 9.6 UGG Guantes rosado million square kilometers of the cage. Just because I am a civil servant. 95 years when I graduated from college, to accept the arrangements at home, muddleheaded into the city organs work. Happened in that year, Feng Xiaogang directed the TV series 'a chicken feather' broadcast on the television station, the scenes and I stay the unit was so similar, old, dark, depressed, the ceiling slowly
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