Szybkie mówienie 4-latka

Szybkie mówienie 4-latka

Postautor: mimnoto » 5 kwie 2011, o 09:50

Mowa synka jest niewyrazna w trakcie szybkiej wymowy. Jesli mowi wolno wowczas mowa jest prawie doskonala w zakresie realizowania poszczegolnych glosek. Jak wypracowac u niego wolniejsze mowienie? domyslam sie ze trzeba mowic do niego powoli i takiej samej wymagac odpowiedzi, ale w kontaktach rowniesniczych znow pospiech daje o sobie znak. Czy jest jakis optymalny sposob by wypracowac u niego samokontrole mowienia?
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Re: Szybkie mówienie 4-latka

Postautor: czfgege » 23 wrz 2017, o 10:17

fourth day of the morning. Was the time colleagues opened the door and sent me to the hospital. I Dr Martens Donna have to thank the two people, one is my very important friends in Shenzhen, when he gave me a planning and related work, you can not work, Every week and his team to touch a head to open a will be able to, and that I do not need to dress every day to meet others, you can completely immersed in their own small world, slowly unlock their own heart The The other is my EX, I regret that he was in my life the worst time met me, but also regret that this section of feelings did not give him any happy memories, but nevertheless, it is still my life For the first time feel love, Canada Goose that kind of tearing in the heart of the pain, so I feel that they are still alive, and live so real. After that year of baptism, I began to become very peaceful, that year ago I have always felt that if there is no family to tie me down I have no need to live in this world. But after that year, I began to put myself in the meaning of my life, began to care about their feelings, began to feel happy, happy, friendship, love is particularly important things in life, if you can cherish These, then even if today after falling asleep will not wake up, you will eventually be serene. Because of these things, I was 30 years old when the sense of urgency did not come, I have experienced these life and death from the point of view, a lot of time you simply can not wait too fast. Not to mention I do not have any magnificent ideal of life, there is no need to do in this life how many things, I have always wanted me to calm and regret to live to the end of life. Can smile to face my father, and my father in another world to talk about the world of things, memories of our common experience of those past. That's enough. As for the establishment of the problem, but I do not want to talk about the problem here, because before I wrote too many times, in my opinion, the word is a design of a sophisticated scam, grew up in your Mind. What is standing? Positive solution is to determine their own life goals and development direction. But we hear is not the case, may be more, 30 years old should have their own mature business, and have their own families and heirs, and should at least buy a house. If in accordance with this logic, I really failed. Cause I should only be just started, because I was working for the money from the freed, to find their real interest in things, but definitely Adidas Scarpe can not be called mature, but it is enough for me to be proud of the world How many people are engaged in their favorite work? Many people like it may be just money, and I do what I like to do every day, even if sometimes very hard, but the harvest is satisfied and happy, it is a very lucky and happy thing, I Nike Air Max Shoes There is nothing worthy of regret and dissatisfaction; As for the family and heirs I do not yearn for, do not want to build their own family, but do not want to have their own heirs. In many years ago there was a boy who was still chasing my boy and I discussed this topic, that time I was running for the busy, my survival, including his brother's tuition and living expenses, there are a pile of foreign debt, I am self-serving, there is no time to consider And love or marriage related to everything. The boy said he wanted to take UGG Guantes rosado care of me, and he was with him, I will not be so hard, he will treat his family like my family, he will help Zapatos Nike Shox me for my brother to school, and I can go Do what I want to do ... the girl heard this confession will be touched it, and I was because of his words from his little bit of a good feeling calm down. I think, if I really have love in this life, then I do not want it to appear in this form, love people can support each other is not wrong, but this sentence is not the most important support, But the mutual. Moreover, at that time I simply can not guarantee that I accept his feelings is out of love, not for the temptation of material. I realized that the state was not suitable for talking about love, because that kind of love is not pure, it will be mixed with a lot of things together, into a kind of not good things. As for the marriage, in my consciousness at the time it was only love peripheral products only, so I secretly made up my mind, I did not get full of material freedom of the case, I refused all forms of love. When I met EX, I did not reach that point, so the appearance of love is not controlled, and his love made me realize that the two really love people do not need marriage to determine what, And Nike Air Max 87 / 1 if two people no longer in love, marriage can not catch what. Marriage is moncler outlet onine more to create a family, and the relationship between love is not large, all along, I like the love is beautiful, but not covet the warmth Under Armour Curry of the family. So I am sure that marriage is not for me, if it must be part of the existence of love, then I will accept, but if it is because of other, I did not have to complete this matter necessary. Wait until I finally get the basic aspects of material freedom, I can do some things I want to do and will not be too much material constraints, I think
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