Wymowa sz zamiast s

Wymowa sz zamiast s

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Witam 5 letnie dziecko zamienia głoski s,z,c,dz, na sz,ż,cz,dż. Jak moge jej pomóc jakie ćwiczenia z nią przeprowadzać? czy konieczny jest logopeda?Dziekuje za odpowiedzi
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Re: Wymowa sz zamiast s

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pay the subjects, in addition to Nike Roshe Run Slip mathematics, the other is 120 +. At that time, he really is no desire to study hard, really think that the university can let me rebirth, because the teacher rendering the university too beautiful. Learning this thing, in fact, later really became part of life, at least now seems to be the case. Do not care about it in the end there is no use, at least to improve personal accomplishment. And I also belong to the kind of clever boys, so the results are relatively stable. High school, the most memorable period of life, and finally arrived. Mom also forced me to go home every night, when I wanted New Balance [url=https://www.gooseca.eu/]Canada Goose Scarpe[/url] to see her less chance. More than five o'clock every day to get up at ten o'clock at school. Go home after the review, but in that short gray world, I finally ushered in the first touch of Choi Ha. She came in. More than two years of persistence, and finally more recent. But I still do not know what to do, People even you do not know what people do not understand the white table. So then, then then, I continued that crush career. Just inadvertently always show a touch of concern. She sat in the front row, class I always secretly cast a glance. She was better at that time, the front of the bangs are longer. Winter will wear that kind of lovely fluff boots, look more lovely and charming. But she came a month, we Nike Air Max Shoes Outlet said less than ten words. Not I do not want to, just to see her, really God horses have become clouds. Even if I am full of economic, in front of her also vanished After the first monthly test, finally have the opportunity to strike up a conversation. Because we test each other after asking questions, so I had no choice but to play, very love to ask the sentence, how do you test ah? She just said the general. Just say that in general. Just in general. general. From the beginning of the third year, a lot of things are deteriorating. For example, we will say that the test is not good, but the results are a higher than a high Some people say that last night watched a football overnight, but he was even the Lord said that the wrong. In fact, we all know, we are just learning. High school, is an invisible smoke. Once more than a frequent test pressure I was breathless, but also thought to give up. Also know that as long as the parents of a word I can go to college, but those universities are too messy. Once the insistence has changed the year that cynical me. So I tried to forget a lot of good things. So that they become stiff, line of sight to stay in the light yellow desktop. Occasionally I'll see her again. To see her lying on the table between the rest of the way, I know she must learn Zapatos Nike Shox late last night Heart is also very distressed, but that share or did not say that exports. Saying that God is also very blessed me, the second month, she sat on my left hand side. It is the teacher because of the arrangements to adjust the seat. So the pie hit me like that. The first sentence, what should I say? Will not you be right? Forget, or keep silent? Crush is actually very obvious. I usually met with the attitude of she became a 'four have' juvenile, every day after the end of the evening will help her clean up the bag ... ... In fact, I do not want so obvious. The sun is warm that year, and it will be on the window of the corridor in the morning of the second class, and will be on our shoulders in the third class in the afternoon. At that moment, I feel very good. On the blackboard, Confucius is still full of economics, Marx is also telling the ideal of communism, perhaps only the earth alone in the rotation. And with the monthly test and review, high school career last time the Games will come. This time I told me a hundred meters and 4 * 1000 * 400 relay. That day to go early to arrange Timberland Roma Negozio the venue, the South is also very cold in the morning, when it is already autumn. So, when I came from the dormitory in the morning with a warm hand pot, want to send her. But 100 meters is the first of the Games, to be recorded in advance. I can only heat the pot to the table to help me send me. Then I went to check it out. Wearing nail shoes, 100 meters second. After the end I jumped excitedly and looked at the position of our class. I know that moment she must be looking at me. But when I go back, I found that the reminder of the reminder of the table actually put the hand on the table to go to the review. She forgot to forget ... ... I am sorry to say, then missed. In life, there will always be some passing, he / she will meet with you, but your fate is - missed. High school time, in the dream occasionally dream of graduation, but often dream of exam. So always in the dream moncler outlet onine and nightmares between the wandering. She came half a year UGG Guantes rosado later, I know she loves to Under Armour Curry play badminton, so it is very direct to invite her to go to school before class. Result ... rejected Obviously nothing, but my heart is still inexplicable sad, as if by what a huge grievances. At that time only to understand the crush of the bitter, but also understand why the girls heard me say sorry when they will be sad. In this way, I finally ushered in the col
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