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Witam, mój 3-letni syn mówi siafa, ziaba, ziająć - czy on z tego wyrośnie, czy powinienem udać się z nim do logopedy?
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anifestation of the accumulation of people. Since this life had the honor to land on this beautiful planet, it is necessary to canada goose outlet do their own to understand him, this is the power, but also the responsibility. Lovely planet and lonely planet the difference is not just v and n, in my eyes, v is a person back to shrink the foot, n is a person forward step foot Whether the planet is beautiful, look at how to do their own. (Leaves boat) Travel can really reflect a person's accumulation, but the premise is that this person must have accumulated. If there is no previous study, learning, questioning, communication, it is difficult to imagine how the trip can release the soul, up to only sprinkle money, scattered.A middle-aged man to the moral temple to seek mysterious master pointing maze. He said to the mysterious Master Lei Lei, said: 'Master, my wife left me three years ago, his son and work hard in the field, only once a year after the New Year home. 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