Powtarzanie ostatniej sylaby

Powtarzanie ostatniej sylaby

Postautor: Anna_ » 8 kwie 2011, o 15:15

Moja córeczka ma 2,5 roku. Długo mówiła tylko słowa podstawowe (mama, tata, baba, dada, daj itp), ale od 23 miesiąca życia "rozgadała się" pełnymi zdaniami. Od 2 tygodni jednak powtarza ostatnie sylaby w słowach. Nie wiem czy konsultować się już z logopedą, czy obserwować (jak długo - kiedy powinno ustąpić, jeżeli jest to niepłynność rozwojowa)
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Re: Powtarzanie ostatniej sylaby

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fway, hanging heart was down. Tadalielie, the first time I was afraid. Suddenly realized that a lot of bad things did not happen, happened to happen before did not happen to me, it was good for me. But in life, no one will always be lucky. After returning home that day I paralyzed on the couch to call my mother, said some eat rice, wear warm clothes, sleep well and the like, then settle down. Grow up, we become more and more timid, not cowardly, is more and more understand the responsibility. When we find that danger and death are not just their own things, but also bring great pain to their loved ones, we will become timid and cautious. And this is definitely not cowardly, but a mature. I went to school, may be acclimatized, lost ten pounds. Holiday home mother to see my distressed to wipe the tears, a month of winter vacation is really my fat. Junior year, one night my father called me, said he had just received a strange phone, the other claimed to be my friend, said I was in need of medical expenses. I said to my father that this is obviously a hoax, you hung up like. My mother said next: 'Your dad, hear you get off on the tension, but also let her take care of you, you sac michael kors pas cher nothing like.' I vaguely heard my father said to my mother: 'You are not nervous to the vase Are broken ... Air Jordan 4 IV Retro ... ' 08 years after the earthquake temporarily lost, the evening to get through the phone, Mom and Dad heard my voice was very excited and emotion; a child accidentally broke the head bleeding a lot, my mother has been guarding me burst into tears; The whole family together Christian Louboutin Toe Escarpins to find ways to help me shift attention ... ... Recall a lot of things, then feel Mom and Dad fuss, but now understand this worry and sensitive. In their hearts, I was all, too care, naturally nervous. In fact, since leaving home, Mom and Dad always have too much to me do not worry: told me to go home before eleven o'clock; go out to play every day to report the trip; tired time entrusted me to rest ... ... where I am, They are concerned about where the weather forecast, where I am, they pay attention to where the news. Do not understand Canada Goose Chilliwack the practice of parents before, and even that a lot of care is superfluous. But after growing up, when I began to tense the same, they really appreciate the kind of instinct from the attention and care. A home phone no answer, playing Mom and Dad also no one answered the phone, suddenly began to restless, to the cousin to call, open to ask what happened at home, how can not find them, in fact, only they meet with friends There is no signal. One night dream of my mother in the hospital, how to wake up can not sleep, and so dawn immediately call my mother's phone, to confirm nothing to sleep peacefully. Although in Free Run Shoes the eyes of my parents, I will always be a child, but I clearly realized that Mom and Dad old. And this consciousness is getting more and more profound, want to be like a child they take care of us like to take care of Nike Air Max Shoes them, also unwittingly like them tense we tense them. I also began to entrust them to cool the night to sleep close to the window, told them to go out more activities, ask my father eat salt, my mother eat less meat. Shopping to see health care products want to buy them, but also miss their birthday and some anniversaries. Of course, also know the news is not worry, tell them I am very good, do not worry about me. At the same time, I began to pay attention cheap celine bags not to go out at night, in public places to observe the surrounding environment, began to wear breakfast, pay attention to exercise. Before my mother said earnestly, now all I practice in action. I'm afraid I'm so bad They are anxious, afraid I'm so bad They worry, afraid I'm too happy They are sad than I am. There is a problem, 'the only child is how a feeling?' A answer to the end of the topic, 'not dare to die, not dare not dare to marry, because my parents only you.' 'Because my parents only you', which is the longer we grew up the more difficult reasons. With age, we become more and more timid, we are afraid of death, Michael Kors Sac fear of poverty, fear of marrying, afraid of other things not afraid before. I even started to fear the body is not good, can not accompany them to go through many ways. Because I am not a person, if I have any bad, someone will be more sad than me. My timid, is to understand the responsibility. Those irresponsible brave, like eighteen years old, Nike Mens Shoes Cheap Online drifting away. The longer the timid, it is not cowardly. Timid behind, is slowly understand the responsibility; Coach Drawstring Madison Des sacs cautious behind, is gradually learn to mature. (Mu Mu)Moxi is wondering how old he can attract some middle-aged uncle's special attention. Only two days of activities, there are several middle-aged uncle expressed an extraordinarily enthusiastic, which also has a guy, even by wine to death begging Bai Lai with her confession. But to see that guy looks fairly gentle, but also in the WeChat on the confession, no way to drop a bottle in the past, Mo Xi had played him colorful. Mo Xi put the phone thrown aside, WeChat still dripping ringing non-stop, do not have to see all know, and certainly those who
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