mam takki mały problem.. Potrzebuje...

mam takki mały problem.. Potrzebuje...

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mam takki mały problem.. Potrzebuje wszystkich Informacji na temat głosek dźwięcznych i bezdźwięcznych.. będę wdzięczny nawet bardzo
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Re: mam takki mały problem.. Potrzebuje...

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r classical novels unparalleled. In 1982, the People's Literature Publishing House published by the Chinese Academy of Art Institute of Dream of Red Mansions of the three volumes of 120 copies of the 'Dream Pas cher Chaussures Nike of Red Mansions', published 'preface' (by the famous 'red scientist' Feng Qiyong wrote) The existing 'Dream of Red Mansions' after the forty back, is Cheng Weiyuan and Gao E in the year 1791, Qianlong fifty-six years Xinhai and AD 1792 years Qianlong fifty-seven years Prince has to wood movable type line According to the study of recent years, the high continued that there are suspicious, to the non-snow celery original, and continued for whom, who is yet to be explored. The book, regardless of thought or art than the original, has been disparate, and at the same time or later from the book, then its own existence of the value, so still can be attached to the original pass. By the study of 'Dream of Red Mansions' authoritative academic institutions to write a few words, clearly pronounced after the existing 40 times is 'sequel' rather than 'original', and the decision 'sequel' ideological and artistic are quite low. We look at this 'verdict' under the sentence to seek truth from facts? Feng Qiyong has consistently insisted that after 40 years for the sequel, and that after 40 times difficult and 'cloudy days, Nike Air Women's Shoes high unattainable,' the first 80 times chaussures de course Nike compared to shoulder. However, the 'Beijing Daily' on February 21, 2005 published an interview on Feng Qiyong 'I have a further understanding of the' Dream of Red Mansions Nike Air max ', this interview has exposed with Feng Qiyong consistent position contradictory side, you can That is, Feng Qiyong accidentally leaked his reading after 40 times the real feelings. Feng Qiyong talked about the 'eternal nature of the debate on Scarpe Nike Air Max 2017 Scontate the' Dream of Red Mansions 'in that it' created a series of immortal typical images because of its tragic storyline in tears, and can not bear to read nike pas cher and can Cheap Air Max Shoes not let go ' The tragedy is the awakening of the tragedy of self - consciousness, is the history of Chinese classical literature at the pinnacle of love tragedy, is Nike UK Sale the highest classical love of the latest sublimation of the tragedy, is a modern life significance Of the tragedy is the impact of the late society of the tragedy. Please ask 'Red Law authority' Feng Qiyong - if there is no existing after 40 back, where what 'tearful' and 'Bao Dai love tragedy'? Is never written out of the tragic plot can also let Feng Qiyong 'tears waves', with Wang Xifeng as tears to come to close Feng Qiyong since the 'Bao Dai love tragedy' made the 'highest' and 'very far-reaching impact' evaluation, it is not to say that after the existing 40 times in both artistic and ideological aspects have gone beyond the first 80 back? Feng Qiyong this black and white text of the text is called 'before and after the contradiction.' This kind of 'before and after the contradiction', including Feng Qiyong, including the 'continued to say' readers can not justify themselves. Here I briefly list the representative remarks against 'continued speaking'. In May 1935, Song Kong was published in the 'Youth' on the fifth volume on the fifth 'Dream of Red Mansions hundred and twenty back to Cao Xueqin' long text, refute Hu Shi in the 'Dream of Red Mansions' in the proposed high E continued Four evidence, but also according to the contents of the back of the 40 back to Yu Pingbo proposed text evidence. Song Kongxian asked: '(Cao Xueqin) Phi read, additions and deletions, are modified when the work; compiled into the directory, points out the chapter back, especially after the book procedures.If the' Dream of Red Mansions 'did not finish the book, how can Phi, , Sub-chapter? ' Song Kongxian that Hu, Yu two of the evidence presented by Mr. unreliable, since there is no strong evidence, it can not blindly refer to Cheng Weiyuan and Gao E lie. In 1957, Lin Yutang published 'Pingxin on the high E' long text, from the 'high' (press, immediately after 40 times) plot, character writing, 'fat' Adidas Superstar Pas Cher and historical data and other aspects of a detailed counterattack Gao E continued to say The He believes that after 40 back for the first 80 back of the line 'have a very fine surprisingly collusion, and this grass snake gray see thousands of miles away writing, it is' Dream of Red Mansions 'the most impressive place in modern literature 'The character of the character and the front of the character behavior has always been, and there are in-depth progress, and must be very good,' he said. 'The high author of this article is very high, there are thoughtful, carved character, With the first eight back with the one hand. ' Lin Yutang as a novelist also wrote: This is beyond all the history of literature experience. Ancient and modern, there is no long masterpiece novels, others can be successful to complete. Gao E is a lifelong (after Cheng Jinshi), who can When we have seen the novels of Gao E, we can have the same talent, so that he will finish forty years in one or two years, and will be the first of all Department of compilation compilation, no trace, but also constitute a
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