Autoimmune factor

Autoimmune factor

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Autoimmune factor

Cause you know not to know? Do you want to know the cause of hair loss in the following article, we have listed some of the reasons leading to hair loss, we hope that our list of the reasons for hair loss: nutritional factors: the reduction of food intake may be the cause of hair loss;

If the reduction of protein content in food, even if the total food normal also then the hair growth was inhibited; low-fat or fat free can cause baldness, and much intake of fat and excessive sebaceous hyperplasia, hyperfunction, affect lacewigsbuy reviews hair growth. Vitamin a lack of can cause hair shedding; vitamin B family of pantothenic acid deficiency can cause hair dry and lack of color. Iron and zinc deficiency can cause hair shedding; copper lack can make hair pigment reduction.

Autoimmune factors: some studies suggest that autoimmune also contribute to hair loss, in the lower part of the hair follicles buy lace wigs of alopecia areata with T cell infiltration, part in sera of patients can be detection of autoantibodies such as anti thyroid, anti parietal cell antibody. Congenital factors: this can cause hair loss reasons: developmental defects, various syndromes, early aging caused by the hair is completely absent or sparse; follicular dysplasia cause hair valuables easily broken. Congenital alopecia is an autosomal dominant genetic disease, more common in the offspring of consanguineous marriage.
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