Zamiana "t" i "k"

Zamiana "t" i "k"

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córeczka znajomej zamiast t wymawia k jak pomóc dziecku aby poprawnie mówiło?
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Re: Zamiana "t" i "k"

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each other may be able to feel each other's feelings, but can not determine whether this affection sublimation, blooming. I know that girls in this area have a natural modesty, should I take the initiative. Can think of the Authentic Nike Free Shoes future, there will be many ups and downs, Moreover, do not know how she affection for me, then the heart of fear and cowardice, Nike Air Max 2017 Scontate dare not touch that string. Junior I have been the age of youth, but always feel the lack of peers should be mature, used to lonely quiet and sad. Often think about this issue, I do not know this process so that they gradually become indecisive, lost the original decisive and decisive. A lot of things can not be true is caught in which can not extricate themselves, outside the Ming, the territory of fans. I hope she is good, do not want to lose her such a close friend, love deep, she is good.Miss H Miss her for the time being Miss H it I wish you always happy and happy. 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If you play high school and play basketball can also be able to know many people, we have 28 classes in that grade, but every class of boys I know several, in addition to the same as the hermit that there is no knowledge of the world of fireworks 6 classes. And later through the multi-inquire finally know her name, phone and classroom seats (do not underestimate the seat, I secretly sent a few things to her). But because it was a boarding school, a week to go back home, fighting for a long time did not use the home to take the phone, can not contact her at any time, so the beginning of every Saturday night with a text message. I do not know how long this lasted! Until one time and my classmates did not go home all night, and so the next day to go back to see a message she sent: you now me. Was happy, because the five words I am happy for a long time, of course, there will be a more happy later words. During school, if you like a person, at least your classmates they will know. 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