dwujęzyczne dziecko

dwujęzyczne dziecko

Postautor: alicja » 14 kwie 2011, o 21:28

witam, w domu mówimy tylko w języku obcym, chciałabym aby dziecko było dwujęzyczne jak to zrobić?
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Re: dwujęzyczne dziecko

Postautor: RS80 » 15 kwie 2011, o 21:56

Ile dziecko ma lat ? Najlepiej mówić od urodzenia dziecka w dwóch językach tzn np mama w jednym ZAWSZE a tata w drugim ZAWSZE. Jesli jednak nie było takiej możliwości coś umkneło mozna wyslac dziecko do przedszkola dwujezycznego.
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Re: dwujęzyczne dziecko

Postautor: czfgege » 25 wrz 2017, o 04:10

d people. So I think I still know the life of the blind. First of all, go out often do nothing to do. A working blind person is going to go out. This is no doubt that the blind should also eat in the community to eat. And if there is no work, at home by receiving relief, it goes out also meaningless. Why go out? Where do you go to spend money? A person is really very troublesome to go out, and now too many recreational activities for people with visual impairment is not friendly. Playground Art exhibition? You can Christian Louboutin think of life in the normal entertainment activities, which is suitable for the blind? I and my father went out to see the movie, but in the first-line city movie ticket price is not cheap, my dad often distressed money told me can not say. And now Air Jordan 15 a lot of good-looking movies are imported large, so that a can not understand the English and can not see the subtitles of people just hopeless. Even if it is a domestic film, those who can only rely on the message to convey the message and let him a movie 'see' down the clouds. I have tried and my father has been describing the film scene, but after all, unsustainable So a blind man, pocket money, nothing to do, no work is almost out of the situation is understandable, and that is why you can not see Cheap Nike Shoes For Men them. Then I talk about the work of the blind, their regularity of work and regular normal people almost no intersection. What is the job of the blind? I have seen the most is the masseur, like the film 'massage' as the blind masseur. My dad is Commande pas cher Coach Drawstring very light when it is very young. And then fortunately in the city, belong to the city account. Our city, when I was young, did the welfare factory, that is, to make a lot of people with disabilities, limbs, deaf and mute, and blind canada goose mens jacket people in the project to process some metal parts. My dad said that there are indicators at that time, he side of the back 'selling charcoal' while processing nuts, a word processing one, a good back 108 words. Of course, this state-owned plant how to benefit, I will not say. Later, the welfare factory closed down, my dad became laid-off workers, CDPF training to learn orthopedic massage, learn the hermes bags online massage, introduced to the blind massage center when the massage therapist. A child remember the massage center during the day almost no guests, basically the guests are working at night, or to participate in the dinner after the Bureau of wine massage. I remember a clock for 60 blocks. My dad is starting at 12 o'clock to travel to the store, and then one or two in the morning home. Belong to middle class. According to the majority of masseurs such work rules, and ordinary people living no intersection is also very natural. I went to high school before, in addition to sending meals, sent to work almost no time and my father have too much time to communicate, contact. What about the family and the stranger? In addition, the relationship with the surrounding people also have a relationship. If the family do not want to accompany the blind out, the blind can be said to be unable to Cheap Nike Dunk SB Mens Shoes move. sac michael kors How difficult is a shuttle in a complex city alone? We are also very clear, do not Montre Michael Kors Pas Cher want to say. Anyway, sometimes think of my father's forehead full of blood back, my heart is really sad, tears have to come down. Society, the people around the blind attitude is more or indifferent. I am in the city where the blind is free to take public transport - may also be to encourage the blind into the community it Can be the most memorable one time, we went to the bus station, just to catch a bus, the driver was waiting for us, the results so we approached, see my dad took a blind stick, suddenly opened the door, I Chasing the car ran a dozen meters ... ... sent my father after a bus, I went home and secretly cry. And once again, my dad told me that he was asking someone on the bus what the bus was, no one answered him. A person also said to him, you can not see the crowded out of the bus to do what lively. There are guide dogs, but also bear the blind dogs of the blind family is absolutely a very small number. I am in the city where I know there are several blind people in the guide dog is the district blind couple. How cold and cruel people, look at the attitude of the weak to know. I answer 'why usually rarely see the blind' this problem, there is an impulse, I do not know how many people Nike Mens Shoes Wholesale Online will see. I just hope that if you see a blind man in the city, take him to take some way, slow not to urge him, because his family may also have a child, she will for the father outside the injury by secretly crying, the world For they are already dark. Social progress or not, civilization or not, not to see how many strong, how much wealth, but how many weak to be kind. Which suddenly remembered that in our society, we can not see the slums, not because there is no poor.Three years old, then how? Three years old, then how? ?The first time to see Su Wan, she is ready to go to an advertising company entry. After graduating from Su Wan University went to a large state-owned enterprises, located in the remote development zone, almost isolated. Although her
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Re: dwujęzyczne dziecko

Postautor: maniek100 » 26 wrz 2017, o 10:15

w domu moicie po polsku ,wiec wyslijcie dziecko na kurs angielskiego i powoli bedzie mowilo dwoma jezykami
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