How to Protect Yourself from Bad Tenants

How to Protect Yourself from Bad Tenants

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Whenever we need to hire a tenant for our rental property there is a chance to hire bad tenants mistakenly as you don’t know who are bad and good as they don’t have a tag of good or bad so how can you be aware of these bad tenants and you can protect yourself from bad tenants. You can simply hire residential management companies for helping in best way for hiring good tenants and if you want to do it yourself then here are some steps which would be helpful to protect yourself by hiring bad tenants:
Previous landlord’s reference
When your tenant visits your property then you must ask about whether they had live on rent before or not? And if yes then ask for the name and address of the previous landlord and then you can contact to the landlord getting information about the tenant.
Check identity proof
Thoroughly check the identity proof of the tenant or asking for their passports would be better option to know their real identities. Check their bank statements and salary slip to confirm whether they can afford the rent or not.
Ask for rental guarantor
Rental guarantor is a person who can take the charge to pay the rent if the tenant default to pay the rent this makes you protect from getting cheated by the tenant but you should only accept a person as a guarantor who is full time employed somewhere or a home owner.
Visit Their Current Residence
You must visit where they living currently this will help you to get the idea how your property is going to be treated. If you find smell of smoke or evidence of partying there then it’s sure that this will be carry on your property.
This are some important things to check before handover the keys to your new tenants and apart from these your own sense that one will surely behave and act wonderful in front of you try to be smart and alert and smell if something is wrong cooking there. The best way to get rid off from these tensions and worry is to hire Property Management Company who can do all these hard works on behalf of you for finding and hiring a high quality tenant.
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