wstydliwy problem;/

wstydliwy problem;/

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witam moje dziecko niewyraźnie mówi strasznie się tego wstydzi chodzi do logopedy, ale czy powinnam ją też wysłać do poradni psychologicznej aby wytłumaczył jej w główce ze nie ma czego się wstydzić i żeby otworzyła się na innych ludzi?przez ten problem nie lubi spotykać nowych ludzi a i z obecnymi koleżankami ma problem.
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Re: wstydliwy problem;/

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Happy can not eat, can not drink, how to use it? One day you will find that you are wrong. In fact, people are pursuing too much, always want to have a lot of things that only have their own pursuit of things, such a day before the vigorous. So always feel that they have too little. In this way, the pursuit of their own day and night to pursue. Can be until one day, suddenly found their own pursuit of things from their own still so far away. Gradually, the desire at the trouble, always want to have more. He thought he wanted it alone, but it was not. He just lost himself. Until he once had, but suddenly found
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