Moja córcia się jąka

Moja córcia się jąka

Postautor: mateusz » 17 kwie 2011, o 13:06

moja coreczka 3 letnia się jąka. Od miesiąca zaczęła się jąkać. Pani doktor powiedziała, że to w jej wieku normalne. Przed jąkaniem córka ślicznie mówiła. Proszę mi doradzić i podpowiedzieć co mamy z tym zrobić.
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Re: Moja córcia się jąka

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e jungle in a group of children who staged. I have seen a very memorable scene - the small bunker next door to the vegetable soup barrels in front of the run, while others in the back holding their own lunch box chase the scene. I only remember this little bully surnamed Liu, high school home when he met him, he handed me chewing gum, hand with a mixed left the scars. four Our breakfast is a bucket of rice soup and rice, lunch is a barrel of rice soup and rice, dinner is half a barrel of soup and bread, vegetable soup is about cabbage soup or pickled pickles cooked soup, which will float a few pieces of meat The In addition to these, nothing else. Can be at home with dry food and pickles, but we are generally away from home more than 30 km, two weeks to return home. That week I probably booked the rice in the early morning of the meal, dinner forty - two (that is, two) bread, and my friend W Jun because late to have no meal, so I share the food to him. I am so shy, because in the same Nike Air Max Kids Shoes lunch box to eat, I always eat very little; I did not go to a wall of the aunt for help, because I play a small fear of trouble others, especially relatives. I was so hungry in the state, and accidentally, that week I was the value of Zhou Sheng, that afternoon I went to the canteens side of the bread when the canteen in addition to a back in my cleaning master of the master Outside, did not even a person. I almost unconsciously, quickly from the side of the basin took two steamed buns into their own dormitory basin, and carrying the basin out of the canteen, the moral sense of the rapid re-occupation of my heart, I realized that miumiu bags on sale he is A thief Back to the dormitory, the bread quickly into their own cabinets to conceal the crime, and told the W Jun's own as. I feel my head and face are very hot, strongly control their own anxiety, but also faint that things will not end so far. Sure enough, the canteen chef came to the Nike Air Max TN VIII door, and he said things and presumably that the value of the dormitory Zhou Sheng steal the bread of the moment, I took the sac michael kors road and escaped into the toilet, the kind of feeling of shame so I can not wait to jump into the pit Drowned himself. I just wandered in the toilet, through the wall of the vents, I saw my other friend Zang Zhilong to the toilet, and I know he is looking for me, in order to cover up their embarrassment, I chose to squat to the toilet bit up, When he came in, I bowed my head and pretended to be all right, and he took out two very soft pages that had been rubbed. I walked out of the toilet with him, did not dare look directly at his eyes, he asked me very warmly: 'That bread is really you take it?' I did not answer, just nodded his head, he patted my shoulder, comfort I said nothing, and my tears can not help but fell down. Back to the dormitory, W Jun whispered accusing me: 'how do you? Steal a bread can also be found, if I, never from the side of the basin to take, too obvious.' I am speechless , No hunger, did not eat, a person to the Nike Mens Shoes Cheap dormitory after the green belt wandering, thought for their own two bread lost dignity, and could not help but cry once. Zang Zhilong then came to comfort me, forcing me to eat his little rice, I see his attitude stubborn, they endured Coach Drawstring Madison Des sacs the mood to eat a few mouthfuls. Since then, I gradually alienated from the W-jun, but also because he did some of my other things, so that I chilling, such as eating an egg are dodging me, and all my food is shared to him The And Chi Long and I accompany each other, although his junior high school, but we have maintained a contact, the beginning of the year, his child was born, asked me to name, I took the 'cloud Xuan' word. Fives Poet Huang Michael Kors Sac Xiang's work 'Great Wall' in a 'hunger insulted my dignity', and it is my 12 years old this unforgettable experience gave me a profound understanding of the experience of this poetic basis. The pain of this world is a lot, Jean Valjean because of stealing a piece of bread will be punished for 19 years of hard labor; by contrast, I lost the dignity, but did not Canada Goose Ladies get punished, flies of the years drowned the success or failure, This little thing. But I want to tell my story to the world, tell the world, there is a man who steals bread. Recall that year, if let me stand today that childish off 12-year-old boy in front of what should I say to him? I am not saying: 'Li Xiaoming, you Escarpins Plateforme stop, do not steal the two steamed bread.' (Beidou network; Li Xiaoming Andy) Environment is stronger than people, human dignity lies in the dignity of society.1 So that a kind of communication is not the value of communication itself, Nike Air Max Shoes but the value of their respective contacts. High-quality friendships always occur between two excellent independent personality, its essence is the two sides sincerely appreciate and respect each other. Therefore, it is important to make yourself truly valuable and worthy of being a high quality friend, which is the primary contribution that a person can make for friendship. 2 People often mistakenly believe that those who are enthusiastic about sociality are some generous people. Tagore is right, th
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