Problemy w wymawianiu literek s, c, cz, sz,

Problemy w wymawianiu literek s, c, cz, sz,

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Ma je 10 letnie dziecko, którym od 3lat opiekuje się w Irlandii, nie umie też ich napisać, nie rozumie również przeczytanego tekstu. Jest bardzo nerwowy, pojawiło się moczenie nocne. Czy mogę w jakiś sposób pracować z nim w domu?
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Re: Problemy w wymawianiu literek s, c, cz, sz,

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st brain, physical second. I Escarpins Femme am active in mental work, instinct, and physical labor is always passive, is out of reason. Mothers are very supportive of my reading, but my negative attitude towards housework often makes her complain about getting other farmer kids compared to me. Because I have a strong self-esteem, the mother's hard work has been very guilty, so always quickly put down the books to work, but my mother complained very unhappy. I also inherited the frugality from both parents. Mother's thrift is also amazing. Our family is the poorest of several neighbors, but regardless of the harvest year, the year of the year, every time we have food at home every day, there is cash. Our family has never borrowed from others, on the contrary, other people are almost all of us through the rice and rice. In the days of the mother's house, our family's living standard is always lower than others a grade, others eat fine food, we eat whole grains, others eat coarse grains we eat bran. This is with the Communist Party sent to the farmers, 'the culprit of the years,' the call with the tacit understanding. Mother and our family's food is divided into three grades: the Nike Air Max Shoes father is Air Max 90 Premium EM the first, the son is the second, she is the third and so hermes bags online on. In the better times, the mother can always do some fine grain or coarse grains of dry food to the father and I, and she is perennial from the bran, which makes me often conflict with my mother. Because according to my point of view, to grade, parents should be the first, I should be the second and so on. Take a step back, in any case I should be the same as the Real Size 14 15 16 Mens Shoes mother. So at this time, I will never eat first class meal, but to grab the mother's bran to eat. Mother in her frugal under the premise of my very loving, so provoke her big fire. And my heart was secretly complaining: why do not you put the two of us into the same meal, good times are better, worse when they are worse? Mother life and life, a hardship, but she also has a strong spiritual pursuit. She was born in a small village small family, the generation of untimely, a 16-year-old girl, but married to an Sac MK Pas Cher older 20-year-old but literacy, out of the man, we can see that she pursued the year is not ' ', But the case of Qi Mei,' Hongxiutianxiang 'husband and wife life. Mother's life love to watch, love listening to drama. Spring Festival run stilts, Lantern Festival lanterns, mothers have asked about the companion to see the sky in full swing. There are troupes to the village to play Peking opera, Lvju, put the film, the mother tired of the day, but also do Canada Goose Ladies not understand, but always the field does not fall, crowded in the middle of the crowd full of people, Because the scene late, to stand behind in the high stool, and then high head. Can understand, and then remember in the heart, after the spirits to others to listen to. Mother also often with people to some flowers, planted in their own yard. After many years, my mind still often emerge out of her twilight in the return of labor, rickets body, kneeling on the ground, to plant in a broken jar of the rose flower watering the image. Mother's young embroidery skill is quite famous, until the old age, she Coach Drawstring Madison Des sacs also often design patterns, cut the window grill. My artistic taste of the year only respect Discount Nike Womens Shoes orthodox and elegant, the mother's creation is not in the eyes. Now want to come, the mother's window grill if the display of today's folk art exhibition, certainly no less. My childhood and juvenile, is so spent with the mother. By 1964, I was nine years old and I left my hometown and left my mother. Home and mother, is my heart has been trying to get out of the region and complex. Leaving my hometown, I like to break away from a layer of cicadas, fly to the sky that has long made me fascinated. I left my hometown, in addition to the arrival of the first Spring Festival has been filled with a homesickness, I have not miss home, in the emotional rarely miss mother. In the spring of 1979, my work was transferred to the provincial capital. At this time my father has died, the mother is also seventy years later. Our sister brothers are not assured mother alone living alone, decided to let the mother follow the big sister or I live. And for the old house, in view of our economic situation without spare capacity for a long time to repair and maintenance, and later we can not go back to live, they would like to sell it. The mother is a serious thing, equal to the mother from her almost spent a lifetime of land uprooted. Mother first do not agree, firmly advocate their own at home, and old house coexistence and death. We finally convinced her, and finally she only said: this house, to sell a good family. I know that she was in the days of the heart suffering from a stormy sea. On the mother's future residence, I know that although the sister's living environment michael kors with her more appropriate, Sister and her more common language, but she is willing to live with me. Because I was her son. The son's home is his own home, the daughter's home is someone's home. When the mother lives with me, in addition to the city
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Wróć do Pytania/problemy rodziców - Wydaje mi się, że... Mam pytanie... Co zrobić gdy...

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