co robić

co robić

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4 latka nie wymawia poprawnie wielu słów, jak również nie potrafi mówić pełnymi zdaniami. Czy trzeba się niepokoić?
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Re: co robić

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S is almost all the way to the dating site, high school students have been sitting on the window of the deck, drinking water. A few greeting, long time no see Served, red wine, slowly the topic to talk back to the past. He said that before the rest of the class, like sitting on the windowsill reading Miss S was a lot of New Mens Nike Shoes Sale their dreams. He said, they also played for Miss S frame, he was the winner blanket. Miss sac michael kors S asked, the winner of the classmates, why did not you come to confession? He said, because Miss Soufen C said, Miss S is a boyfriend. Fortunately, all the past. Miss S in the way home on the road a little bit down, the original intention to just tell her that pregnant C made a phone call to congratulate, and finally pique to give up. Miss S turned over microblogging and climbed upstairs. Corridor bad lighting, Miss S groping to the door, at the foot of a soft, it seems that stepped on what. 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In fact, we have been in the world of gentle love.A few days ago a friend complained to me, he said that before painting only to study, and now work but found that they really like painting, but no time to draw. I asked: why is there no time? The answer is one sentence, how can work free time! Is it really time to work? I would like to talk about some of my own experiences on this topic. My growth on the road has been a good practice to learn, and many want to do their own subconscious sentence is the first priority and shelved, then the most said is 'so I checked the Commande pas cher Coach Drawstring university must be ... ...' So I must be ... ... 'So a lot of hobbies have been pinned in the distant after. The fact is that not only the university period even after the work that I had promised to be still promised in the wind, in the time of the attic to uphold rot. I became an outright lie king, those things I wanted to do, I longed for life or indefinitely was postponed to be shelved. Because of the reasons for the work, I began to come into contact with a lot of people who love life, after graduating from high school after the painstakingly to learn cooking to food for the life of the flavor of the girls, in the intense study of the busy and buddies in high school girls, But to the sophomore began to accept professional learning and dream of the creation of female college students, every day from the busy work to get out of hand-made to enjoy the people ... ... At first for them I am full of envy, envy them can ordinary life so rich, then I began to reflect
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Wróć do Pytania/problemy rodziców - Wydaje mi się, że... Mam pytanie... Co zrobić gdy...

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