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Mam pytanie - czy to, że w dzieciństwie uderzyłem się w nos i przekrzywiła mi się przegroda, może być powodem niewymawiania r (lekarz laryngolog mówił, że to przez to, ale ja nie jestem pewien)
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Re: r

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another leave at home, ready to call when the mother's buddies, I seriously told her that you must take good care of their interests and hobbies, do not easily be defeated by the trivia of life. The future, your dream must be their own, do not hand over to let. Life is full of salt and oil, but it can also have poetry and painting. Commande pas cher Coach Drawstring (Three sons)On the road slowly toward the destination, like fate, I met a hungry wolf. At that time I was small, I thought I could not escape. Almost no struggle, helplessly hungry wolf viciously swallowed down. I thought it was over, but everything was just Authentic Nike Air Max Shoes beginning. My body is torn, chewed, and then disappear. But my soul is still, but was imprisoned in the wolf's body. So I walk in the wolf's body, try to find the wolf's weakness, and strive to break through it, so that the soul of heaven to get peace, to retain a dignity and personality as a person, rather than become a witness wolf's evil And accomplice. But I am as weak as the air as, so Canada Goose Ladies that all the stops, still Nike Casual Shoes Mens For Cheap nothing, can not break the wolf body. Can not change the appearance of the wolf, but I want to change its soul, with my pure soul to control the wolf's evil appearance. In order to duel with the wolf's soul, I did a lot of preparation and training. I can not think of is that although the appearance of the wolf is terrible, very cruel, but its soul is fragile, I do not bother to overcome the wolf's soul. My soul finally controls the wolf's body. But, after all, I am not a wolf, not to eat sheep, but not to eat people. Because my soul is pure. In this way, I wandered in the mountains, more and more hungry. I watched the other hungry wolf to bite the prey, crazy grabbed the blood and meat to nourish life. I told myself over and over Sac Michael Kors Soldes again. But I clearly felt the temptation from the prey, the mind flashed with my fangs tearing the meat of the desire. I am struggling to make me unbearable, so I began to try to eat those wolves to capture the prey of the residual remnants of the flesh, and later with those wolves began to catch prey, Tear it, crush, swallow ... ... again and again, I can not extricate themselves. I am from a dental language of the sac michael kors naive child into a brutal brutal wolf, from a spectator and accomplice into a murderer. The stomach is full, but the soul is empty. With the bloodthirsty meat addiction, guilt is getting heavier and heavier, the soul is greatly tortured. Over time, and finally come to their senses: with such a corpse like a corrupt alive alive, as a cliff, re-come, or will let themselves into the beyond redemption. But can i get Christian Louboutin it back? They will see through the wolf's appearance I belong to the soul of the people? Or is there anyone else's soul? Are I now a man or a wolf? Finally one day, I found a few good childhood little partner, I am very excited, desperate to rush in the past, want to embrace them, want to go home with them. They are next to the adults see after the shock. Shouting each other, with a shovel, hammer blowing toward me. I shouted to them: 'I am a man, not a wolf, do not hit me.' I shouted shouting, but from my mouth is only Aoao cry, they simply can not understand. They saw only a wolf, they almost exhausted efforts to knock me down to the ground, and then use the hammer to Cheap Nike Kids Shoes give me a fatal beat. I smell miumiu bags on sale the smell of death, pain out of tears ... ... trance, hear them in the discussion. 'Hurry to kill it, a few days ago also eat our children.' 'Hard to fight, kill it.' 'Look, the wolf tears.' 'What is strange, do wolves also know that repentance? 'It died more than gu.' In the beat and condemning, the wolf died, my soul spread out ... ... (black and white)It is a strange experience to leave the train, leaving the familiar place, alone to a place they do not know, this feeling is very good, like flying their own consciousness has been long for some things. The longer the journey, the more the feeling, as the price, waiting for the road is more unusual than the hard work. Sitting in the window, the wind will be presumptuous to no type of Sweet Classic TXT PRLM hair blowing more type, the window of the monotonous green will reveal the strange life of color, or even passing the new rural construction demonstration point, that a brick house planning neat And interesting, rice fields mixed with thin and straight cement sheep intestine, replacing the original rules of the ridge, far from looking, like a green and white board, the original ecology is good, but this is a little planning, But also do not have charm. I tried to think of myself as a rebellious child from home, only from the adult line, so crazy squandered youth, by bang pan to do the car, imagine some spring snow dreams and freedom. The car stood a stop, stop from one stop, sleep wake up, wake up sleep, with innocent fresh fresh sitting an hour and an hour, the car finally calmly to the station, get off Found that they can not tell the southeast northwest, followed by chaos out of the platform, hot swept away, proud to do, and finally understand the status quo is not roaring train, get off on the train, not for the green and the wind on the road, but to
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