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1,5 roczne dziecko świetnie mówi jak na swój wiek jednak jakies dwa tyg. temu zauważyłam że zaczyna seplenić. Czy w jego wieku jest to jeszcze normą czy należy już zacząć to korygować? Jeśli tak to w jaki sposób? Czy może mieć to związek z ząbkowaniem lub np. przeziębieniem?Będę bardzo wdzięczna za jakiekolwiek wskazówki.
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Re: pytanie

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l that time and occasionally open a small work to do something else does not affect the overall situation, until the deadline approaching when the chaos of the foot, only to realize that he is too high to estimate the The ability to hold their own scenes. Think about it, we did not complete those things, not as we easily give up so worth mentioning that they are very important, did not finish the paper, did not finish the work, did not listen carefully to the report, no back words ... ... Moreover, when we are deserted, there is no way to play happily, the heart Cheap Nike Shoes For Men seems to be hanging, burdened with a heavy sense of guilt. So, really have a self-control, what kind of experience? Student period, we have such a school Pa, he seems to never do homework, class is not buried in hard work notes, the get out of class will not stay in the seat, they can chat with the chat hot TV drama, to discuss the popular Gossip, they seem really did not really study, but we do not know is: they are at home to write homework and review, an hour of learning efficiency others two or three hours. Self-control strong, so efficient; self-control strong, so learn fast, play also Hey. After graduation, the workplace around sac michael kors pas cher us also have such a colleague, they work with you to talk gossip, also visit Taobao brush microblogging, idle slipped Official Nike Mens Shoes Outlet out to buy snacks, do PPT also complain, can not catch the program when the crazy ... ... ... But, and you are different, in the end they seem to have been blessed by the same day, the program Commande pas cher Coach Drawstring creative than you powerful, sales list to take more than you ... ... you gas, but secretly muttering 'What is his? Yeah, you brush microblogging is looking at gossip and funny pictures, others are looking for creative inspiration; you complain that this is not the line is not angry, others are looking for a solution to the problem; you chat with others Really in the sultry, while others are through chat to find each other's sales needs ... ... Self-control of the strong people, always points off the primary and secondary, carry clear what is their own job, what is fun. The deadline is where there is no self-control, and it is Christian Louboutin Escarpins stress; there is power in a person with self-control. This is the essential difference. You are not also have such an experience: Bedside pile full of information you want to cheap celine bags see the book, a couple of months ago, you excitedly opened the book, and now still stay in the first few pages; You download the word back to the English word App, was originally proud of the development of the back of the study of the word test plan, one day back 100 words, dozens of days to get, but the word you back and forget the back, because the interrupted N day. You do a fitness card that Nike Free 6.0 go to learn to swim, but others have to renew the fitness card, and your fitness card package is no longer necessary to expire ... ... Why the beginning of the beginning, we were passionate to do things, to the future is always out of the end of the bad? Perhaps one of the reasons we lack self-control is that, in fact, your heart is not care, do not want to do so, so the lack of power, has been delayed, once there is anything else interference, Nike Lunar Mens your focus on Unable to maintain. And what is the effort? Eat and drink Canada Goose Chilliwack sleep, do not need to work, these things are instinctive pastime. But in order to do the job you want to do, to get off work on the road four or five hours you do not care; in order to read you want to see Of the book, you will give up to participate in an invalid social gathering ... Yishu said, love is not enough, only excuse a lot. Just truth, apply over, you do not want to do one thing, will give yourself to find such a reason. So, when we talk about hard work, please ask yourself, how much do you want to do that thing? In order to make that thing, in the end you can do what to pay and desperately? How many temptations can you resist in the end? How much can you fight against laziness and delay? Because there is no self-control of the people are not qualified to talk about the efforts.Just go abroad, to work with friends in the Japanese restaurant trial, waiting at the front desk boss. Has long been heard from a friend that the boss of the smart, capable and earn, she was in charge of a great restaurant, four in the morning to the seafood market, 11 o'clock in the evening closed the shop. In the massive Asian restaurant rise and collapse of the era, she used two years to make the industry leader. And I saw her in the eyes, or with no small surprise, never thought that such a woman can also have such a charm. She came from Taiwan, grew up in New Zealand, from the two have got the best mark: a beautiful figure, and Sac Michael Kors Soldes a beautiful English. This has been a beautiful person, but also naturally have a good appearance, wear and jewelry both show extraordinary temperament, but also clear the extraordinary financial resources. She was generous in the shuttle between the customers, it is a picturesque scene, just like 'Beijing in New York' in the beautiful and proud of the spring, even if quiet, gestures are to convey 'on their own.' For their o
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Wróć do Pytania/problemy rodziców - Wydaje mi się, że... Mam pytanie... Co zrobić gdy...

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