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Moja ośmiomiesięczna chrześnica powtarza ma ? ma, ba ? ba, ta ? ta. Czy robi już to ze zrozumieniem?
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Re: zrozumienie

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wsuit is a shame, trouble. Homestead occupied, the mountains were cut, the field was sold, are playing with the way to vent anger. Where is the hope canada goose mens jacket of life? Almost all the poor are loving lottery. They are keen to catch the car, go to a place to touch a few dollars of the award. Because the lottery to bring the sudden riches, is the only way he can change the life of the shortcut. But the lottery is just a business illusion, so many years, no bonus to comfort them. Information is blocked, traffic inconvenience, scarce material, the concept of backwardness, poverty into a dense wall, the poor firmly in which the circle. 5, the spirit of short-sighted, the mind is not free In 2006, my sister went to college and had an opportunity to study in Singapore. Our family because it is really no money, and Air Max 87 secondly because of years of conservative habits, feel safe to do, do not toss, in foreign study and in the country, there is no difference, so give up. Now want to come, how to feel pity. I thought, if my sister lived in a rich house, she may be another scene today. Poverty is the biggest talent wasted. Poor people usually lack the source of information, the spirit of short-sighted, so fear will Christian Louboutin Escarpins be unknown, refused to change, cup bow snake shadow, and then make the wrong choice, the potential of countless people wasted by poverty. For example, I have a small partner, he early in primary school, there is a painting of talent. He can be a pen, the hook on the whole character, nose with eyes, sac michael kors pas cher vivid, aura overflowing. I am now some of the little skills, are learned from him there. However, his mother did not care about this, she thought, painting no matter how good can not eat, and quickly to pick manure. The second day did not finish, he dropped Official Nike Mens Shoes Outlet out of school. Followed by a bunch of small bully, eat and drink everywhere prostitution, nothing, and perhaps also abuse drugs, I do not know, but never heard of his legend. He was so lonely, the annihilation of the poor army in the sand, looking for all can not find. There is a person in the village, read the primary school, the memory is amazing, after reading the two text can be completely recited, the sentence is correct, perfect, but junior high school did not finish, began to mix Road, and later because of robbery, into prison. People living in the village, ignoring education, less information sources, civilized Nike Air Max Shoes backward, late generation of people, if you do not read, can only accept the values ??of elders. Staring at the immediate interests, concerned about eating and drinking, parents in the short, generation to repeat, self-stupid, more and more stupid. Occasionally there is relief. But whether the relief from the government, or from friends and relatives, I found a strange phenomenon: once the money, their use, not for future investment, but to meet the current needs: for example, eat a meal, buy a few new Clothes, but also part of the debt. So, there is no relief, the poor day is still the same. Even the richness of relief, but will contribute to the poor dependency. When they have no money again, they will face the gong, the back of the drum, hint or shook out to ask for money. Do not rescue the poor, how cruel truth. A new study in the journal Commande pas cher Coach Drawstring Science of the United States Cheap Nike Lunar Mens has given many Sac Michael Kors Soldes poor people a serious cheap celine bags psychological blow - that is, poverty will reduce people's IQ. The poor are getting stupid and continue to lose their brains and mental resources, creating a vicious circle. 6, can not be changed, so self-anesthesia Hard labor never end, but the poor to live it, how do? They accepted the fatalism, as well as contentment and morality of the philosophy of life, to comfort their own well-being, comfortable in the status quo, less cranky. China from the Confucian classics, to the poetry of poetry, referring to the village, are intentionally or unintentionally landscaping. Beautify their poverty, beautify their stupidity, beautify their self-closures, and cause peace to be an illusion of conduct. So, self-anesthesia, forget their own incompetence. And the attendant is behavioral lazy. But what's the relationship? Poverty is very noble, poor shows that my character is good, why should change? Be bitter and lazy. In some remote mountainous areas, some people are pessimistic about poverty, but are they accustomed to, why? Because they are numb. Perhaps in the young, each of the poor are embracing ambition, but life repeatedly suppressed, and gradually feel helpless, and finally kneel down, stay in place, through self-anesthesia, forget the hope, let alone, become zombie, life like how can. Ambition is no longer fresh, no longer active, and finally tend to degenerate and disappear. For this point, Mr. Lu Xun 's eyes are really sharp, he put forward his own point of view, he could not understand, angrily said: 'to persuade people to live in peace and tranquility is the ancient capital of the world' s great meridian. He also cites an example to irony the so-called poor music: The poor are relying on a broken seats, shop on the road, undress, cool breeze, its fun, called 'sweeping the wo
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