Czy to giełkot?

Czy to giełkot?

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Chciałem zapytać, jak można odróżnić szybkie mówienie od giełkotu?
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Re: Czy to giełkot?

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is a typical feudal era of prosperity. Big Song Renzong years, even if the plague occurred, Yin Chen also disaster relief, the emperor also worried, the tax reduction by tax, the go to find Zhang Tian Shi Pas cher Chaussures Nike disaster to go, although this method is not materialism, but the emperor is good this point That's right. Even after the arrest of the demon demon, to the Huizong years, the gold has not yet south, Tokyo City is still a peaceful, the emperor loves Cuju this healthy movement, Su Shi such a big talent is still singing, everything looks very good of. And see the 'Water Margin' all the way to describe it, the people still live and work in peace, rural wild shop despite stealing a fat cattle, in addition to these evil days Gang to evil, no major violations of the event, all the signs that a big problem, Happiness index is high But why rebellion? Some people will say, the book said, is forced to Liangshan, then why was forced on Liangshan it? If you look at the background of Liangshan heroes, they found that these people are not the bottom of the people. Chai is holding the Dan Shuqian the former royal family, Song Jiang is Yuncheng County civil servants, the family is rich rich landlord, Chao Gai is the village Baozheng, Wu is the study of the village, Lu Zhishen is the Northwest Army officers, Yang Is the children of Adidas Pas Cher the Yang family, Lin Chong is eight hundred thousand ban army coach, Xu Air Max 2017 Outlet Italia Saldi Online Ning is with the Luan accompanied by the Royal Linjun head, Li Jun is Xunyang River salt owl, Zhang Shun is the fish city teeth, Wu Song is the first of the Qinghe County , In addition to Ruan small two Ruan small five Ruan small seven is the stone village Cheap Nike Air Max of fishermen, Shi Xiu suspected rogue proletariat, Tao Zongwang is Tian origin of the construction engineers, you will find these people almost no one civilians. Even occasionally a few civilians are also the leader in civilians. In this prosperity, they live should be very moist, then how rebellious it? We have long thought that the first rebellion must be the impoverished proletariat. In fact, not the first rebellion is the middle class. American psychologist Abraham Maslow in his paper 'Human Incentive Theory' in 1943 put forward human needs as ladder from Nike UK Sale low to high according to the Cheap Nike Air Max 90 shoes level is divided into five, namely: physiological needs, security needs, social needs , Respect for demand and self-fulfillment needs. If a person lacks food, safety, love and respect, the demand for food is usually the strongest, and other needs are less important. At this time the consciousness of people is almost entirely occupied by hunger, all the energy is used to obtain food. In this extreme case, the whole meaning of life is to eat, and nothing else is important. Only when people are liberated from the control of physiological needs can there be a higher level of higher social needs such as security needs. Liangshan hero is the big Song of the middle class, food and clothing worry, they naturally have a higher demand for life. Chai into the Dan book is a fake name, the normal officials will not travel with him, so he can only make Chaussures pour Homme Nike rivers and lakes heroes, where they are a big man, he has social and respect for the needs; Song Jiang is a county officials, which means With his own life can only be placed under the people, but 'he had attacked history, long into also have the right to seek' such as the Tigers fall Qiuqiu, he has self-realization of the demand; Yang Zhijia Road down, think is not disgrace ancestors, ; Nguyen Nisho think of is a large piece of meat, large pieces of drinking, large scale gold and silver, capricious gambling money, ; Wu Song want someone else to respect him. These needs are not to look at the needs of the working people are not physiological needs, their needs are more at the fifth level of Maslow's needs, the pursuit of self-realization, a small number of people require the fourth level of demand, but The majority can only meet the third level or even only the second level of demand. In fact, the people in need of poverty are particularly low, they are in the first level of Maslow's demand, as long as Adidas Ultra Boost the physiological needs to meet on the line. As long as they can eat, the bottom of the people will not go to rebellion. But the middle class is different, they have higher demand. So many people see the Water Margin, that group of people to kill the fire, is not a bunch of bad guys? Is not it a gang of slag? In fact, these husbands belong to the higher social class, they are the middle class of the great Song, the real needs of these people are not met, the desire is not released. Why is not satisfied? China's feudal society is a special society, from the beginning to be divided into the official and the people, toward the wild two models. These two modules nike blazer pas cher are almost no exchange, the former is the ruling class, which is the ruling class. These Liangshan heroes, in the middle class, in fact, they are the upper class to help and help, belonging to the edge of the system. The police will Dongping, leopard head Lin Chong, thunderbolt fire Qin Ming, knife Guan Sheng, including H
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