K i G u 4-latka

K i G u 4-latka

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Jak nauczyć 4 latka wymawiania głosek K, G a może to przyjdzie z czasem
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Re: K i G u 4-latka

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more democratic, so the tax rate will be reduced, so the people will be more willing to work, so New Balance 574 the economic growth, so everyone's income has increased. In my opinion, this model is quite unreliable, the single saying that the 'low rate of democratic countries,' this argument, let the high welfare countries in Europe feel so. I think that economic development Nike Air max to bring democracy this argument is still justified. Just as the Rational Optimist, published last year, argues that the so-called democracy and the rule of law are not what the strong people have given to the people from top to bottom, but the book, which advocates the exchange of goods that brings all the benefits of mankind. The people run and evolve in the process of market exchange. With the economic development, the country will emerge more and more people who dare to ask for more rights. If these people are enough, they will be the objects that all political parties must fight. They want to join the victory alliance! 'Dictator's handbook''Prison book Jane': more stupid than stupid is willing to stupid I read at least four books, in chronological order, the first author is Antonio Gramsci (his 'prison book Jane' a translation of 'prison notes'), the second The author is Dietrich Ponhofer, the third author is Rosa Luxemburg, the fourth author is Wenceslaw Havel. These books, my favorite is the fourth, the most memorable is the second. Said unforgettable, because the book section, I often quoted. The title of this section is called 'stupid'. Tom Hofel first pointed out that for good, Nike Air Max 90 stupid is more dangerous than evil enemies. Evil Scarpe Nike Air Max 2017 Scontate can resist, stupid can not defend, because Cheap Nike Air Max it is not subject to rational, there is no rules of operation at all. 'If the facts are contrary to their own prejudices, then there is no Cheap Nike Free Shoes need to believe in the truth, and if those facts can not be denied, they can simply nike air max soldes turn them off as an exception, so the fool is always complacent compared to the villain.' When you are with a fool Talk, 'you are not his own, but a series of slogans and the like, and these things have the power to control him.He has been mischief, his eyes have been deceived, his human nature has been used, was spoiled Once he has surrendered his will and becomes a purely instrument, there is no more sinful limit for the fool who will not arrive, but he will never know that it is evil. 'This discourse is simply reality The portrayal. 'It is certain that stupidity is a moral flaw, not a sensible flaw.' Some people are mentally depressed, but not fools, some are intellectually superior, It is a fool. It seems that the definition of foolishness is different from the vulgar, and his foolishness has little to do with intellect. Then he stressed: 'stupid is to develop, not born.' How to develop, there are two cases, 'people put themselves into a fool, or allow others to make themselves into a fool.' These two, with my argument, all belong to 'willing to stupid.' It is possible to revise the conclusion of the friend, saying that 'stupidity is a moral defect', or some ambiguity, it is a moral flaw. We need to pay attention to, as in the case of Dima: 'Everything that is not chosen is morally worthless.' You praise a maidservant, as in our time you praise a laid-off worker for thrift, The same meaningless. 'Some people are born in a closed cage environment, of which only one discourse, only a Adidas Pas Cher slogan, only one idea, only a way of life, only one way to the future, they have no choice , Can only be stupid. In this regard, called 'moral defects', but rather blame. 16-year-old teenager Ingmar Bergman, who in Germany Weimar for Hitler cheered, salute, tears, his brother was set up in his hometown of the Swedish Nazi party, his pastor father voted for support. The frenzy of the Nazis lasted for more than a decade, and when people finally no longer doubt the Nazis' massacre against millions of Jews, he still defends Hitler as an anti-Nazi evil propaganda. Many years later, he suddenly figured out why he and his family would like to support Hitler: 'We have never heard the word freedom, never tasted the taste of freedom in an authoritative system inside, all the doors are closed of.' Bonhoff and Bergman belonged to contemporaries, but in that era their political stance was the opposite, an anti-Nazi, a letter of the Nazis. Until the time of the death of the Nazi, when Bergman is a loyal supporter of the Nazis. If, according to the definition of the foolishness of the friends, Bergman no doubt belongs to the fool, whether he is to develop their own, or by others to develop. However, at least for the young Bergman, his stupidity is not a moral flaw, he and his family do not know why freedom, all the doors leading to freedom are Chaussures Nike pour Homme closed, they are not willing to stupid, but the front Only stupid this one option. Reiterate that only in the stupid, there is no longer stupid option, then, stupid is a moral flaw. We can talk about some stupid stories. Home grandmother, and my grandmother is a few decades of the neighborhood. She has a nickname called 'crow', it is because she usually did not list
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