zmiękczanie dwuznaków

zmiękczanie dwuznaków

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mam 9 letniego syna, który bardzo zmiękcza głoski dwuznaków. Jakie ćwczenia powinnam z nim wykonywać?
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Re: zmiękczanie dwuznaków

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in the early eighties, Tang Haoming spent eleven years, editorial, analysis of Zeng Guofan left up to 15 million words of the manuscript, read Zeng Guofan contemporary writings and a large number of historical and historical data, his modern Chinese History of the controversial figure Zeng Guofan, began to have a more comprehensive understanding and understanding, this time, he found: Zeng Guofan is a story of the people, is a good story of the people. A good story of the people, met a good story, so, must be brilliant! Tang Haoming teacher ten years of grinding sword, three volumes Adidas Ultra Boost of historical novel 'Zeng Guofan' a hit, and still in the printing, and Zeng Guofan series of various works continue to explore, which won the first 2003 Yao Xueyin long historical novel Award, in 1999 by the 'Asian Weekly' as one of the twentieth nike pas cher century Chinese novel hundred one hundred, a variety of reputation interests come one after another. That day, from the publishing section out, Tang Haoming teacher sent me a set of 'Tang Hao Ming comments Zeng Guofan book', and in the title page carefully covered his book to show respect for the reader. I have been collecting the gift of Tang's book. I often think, the teachers say, tell a good story and tell a good story Authentic Nike Free Shoes of things, I think they are equally important. Some people, such as Cao Xueqin, poor his life, also just say a good story, some people, works and so on, to tell many good stories, but also God it. And I, people over half a hundred, born is not a good story to tell people. I can not tell someone else's story, just listen to the story. 2016 September 30 cattle old Wu in ChangshaThe age of reading: the joy and fear of the addicts Saying that there is a book in Paris, the book Anne Francois, no book without fans, no books do not glimpse, but alone the Sierra 'long night' in any case can not read, since the age of twelve Times trial, all failed in the end. Hundreds of years in the past, until the 50th birthday, celebration, she received a friend of an unexpected gift, more than sixty boxes of tapes, read the version Nike Air Max 90 Premium of 'long night'. So, 'until now, I still did not read the' long night ', but this book, I have heard.' There is such a record and experience, the name of the addict can be described as deserved, and Anne Fu Lang Suowa's 'reading Nike Air Max 90 age' is the life of his life bit by bit sketch, so fun, so joy, there is such a fear, in its pen slowly spread out. In the eyes of others, there are incredible sense of view, only Nike Air Max 90 shoes the same person, naturally heart Qi Yan. Francois often made the same nightmare, dreaming of the floor of the floor under the weight of the bookshelf and collapse, 'crushed downstairs Lubo lady and her son.' So she and her husband on the ground floor with a number of columns, that foolproof, enough to hold up the weight of all books. However, an unexpectedly dizzy - not the room tilted, but the bookshelf fell into the floor - to prove that people are willing to try, had to do reinforcement floor, balance the work of bookshelves, and finally the study into a maze. This trouble is not love the book can not feel, even if not so serious, the book in the room space crowded, but it is common in the scholar. The emergence of e-books, of course, can solve this problem, but in Scarpe Nike Air Max 2017 Scontate most of the book crazy, as an auxiliary means or may, if the complete replacement of paper books, from the touch, perception and emotional are difficult to accept, had to continue books and The battle of the room. 'In fact, it is not only Anne Francois, which for every love book, is a serious problem.' Some people will be indifferent, will want to open some, and some people will be their own books as if ban, vigilant to wait, such as the Ming Dynasty Qian Shubao book printed on a carved a poem: '100 search books also love, Different times Sui Houzhu. There are fake not to be punished by God, descendants vend really so stupid. 'The problem will not be raised to such a high degree of borrowing, people suck a cold lump. Francois after eating a number of losses, would like to use a way to escape the fate of fate seems to be destined to say that this book is someone else lent her, did not expect the main by the sharp: 'No, this is your Book, above the words of François. 'Yes, a second to wear, surrender. Others to borrow, love the book is tense, is Cheap Nike Air Max worried about the fate of the book borrowed, and if borrowed from others to see, still avoid tension, but this tension has changed to worry about the book broke or lost. Francois on the book to read the feelings of torture, I am afraid that inherited from the mother there, there is an anecdotes, a child living in the house when the fire, my mother finally evacuated the fire, because he did not, just to find that borrowed Of the book, finally found, only wearing a pajamas book ran out of the book. There Chaussures Nike pour Homme is such a mother, Francois on the borrowed book can imagine the tension, the poor did not put it up, but she is still soberly aware that the owner of the book, 'no matter what, The booker can never escape the sloppy ghost charges. For the Chinese readers hate the book wai
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