Powtarzanie pierwszej sylaby

Powtarzanie pierwszej sylaby

Postautor: Maria68 » 27 kwie 2011, o 17:11

Bardzo proszę o radę! Mój synek właśnie skończył 3 latka. Od około miesiąca obserwuję u niego powtarzanie pierwszej sylaby w wyrazie "sobie". Ostatnio zauważyłam, że ten stan się nasila, czasami nawet w innych wyrazach. Poradźcie mi, co mam robić? Jaka jest tego przyczyna? Czy powinnam zgłosić się do logopedy? Bardzo proszę o radę.
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Re: Powtarzanie pierwszej sylaby

Postautor: czfgege » 30 wrz 2017, o 04:58

al slope of the slope, really gods, so I had to lament the infinite power of good fortune! After Huayin, then to Weinan, terrain Gradually turn, no longer see the high peaks, which may be Guanzhong plain it In the past, in my imagination, I feel that some Shaanxi soil and hills, some loess plateau, but did not think of approaching Xi'an, there is such a large plain. Life for the first time to see a glance of the plains, the mood has gradually become comfortable up. I also gradually understand why there are three dynasties in ancient times to Xi'an as the capital, I am afraid not no reason, one of them, I think this eight hundred Qin Chuan, terrain, grain bumper, really give them a strong Support it! Under the train, put the bus to the city center to go, far to see that steady and solid walls, and that tall tower. Previously, have been to several ancient city, but never seen so well preserved walls. Heart can not help but sigh: Xi'an, you really is worthy of the name of the ancient city, you recorded the prosperity of the Han and Tang Dynasties civilization, as if suddenly broke into my heart. The outskirts of the city, the modern Xi'an, with skilled construction New Balance en ligne of a strong local characteristics of the park around the city. Along the New Balance Sale walls of the city, there are wide lawns, and flowers, plus the moat around the style of simple, rough, there is a fresh, comfortable, so that you exposure to a unique atmosphere, travel during which you can Ancient, you can also think of the future. Bus into the city nike pas cher center, one to see the landmark of Xi'an: bell tower and Drum Tower. The clock tower is located in the center of Xi'an, west and the Gulou across the square. Campanile base was square, the floor is divided into two layers, triple eaves, four corners of the top; on the corridor, lean on a railing, can enjoy the whole picture of the ancient city. Drum Tower of the building body was rectangular, surrounded by corridors, inside and outside the paste gold painting, resplendent, floor base is located in the north and south coupons door, connecting the North Gate and West Adidas Pas Cher Avenue. These two have a strong national characteristics of the magnificent ancient buildings, to the ancient capital of Xi'an has added a history of deep and dignified. Relatively speaking, I very much like some of the historical connotation of the city, I always Air Max 2017 Outlet Italia Saldi Online feel that their heavy and deep, broad and tolerant, is tolerant taste and chewing, not as some cities seem Cheap Nike Free Shoes so thin. Really, here, as if traveled in the long years of Qin Huang Hanwu era, ancient and now in the hearts of integration, through, so you can not help but look at the ancient thoughts; visit some monuments and civilizations, to see how the history of the river is how From here all the way forward slowly, for the likes of the ancient city of me, in any case is a very meaningful thing. Finally, I still find a hotel in East Avenue to stay, decided to stay a few days, so that the whole body and mind immersed in the history of the smoke, eager to find something that can excite me, I believe this city will not let me Disappointed, after all, the history of the most glorious two times: Han and Tang, is here from the prestige of overseas. Yes! Looking back to the ancient capital of the thirteen in Xi'an, how much gold and iron, how many emperors will phase, several times the wind and rain, several times the vicissitudes of life, several times worry, several glory. Where the underground, buried the number of Spring and Autumn, the collection of how much Chaussures Nike pour Homme memory. It can be said that every inch of land in the land are so unpredictable, as if the precipitation of the distant deep past, waiting for Cheap Air Max 90 Shoes future generations to dig, to remember. But how can I go for a visit and taste it? The ancient city of Xi'an, there are four big city gate, just like the name of some streets, still follow the ancient name. East Changle door, west for the Andingmen, south for the Yongning door, north for the door. Out of the stability of the city gate, you can see a group of sculptures, modeling vivid, lifelike: they or camel riding, or horse, seems to be a team away from the caravan. Thousands of years ago, countless caravans from here, with beautiful silk, Nike Air Women's Shoes silkworm, gunpowder and paper printing, through the desolate Gobi Desert, involving the vast expanse of desert, across the snow-covered snow-capped mountains Osaka, Step by step to the west. Once the flourishing years, once swords, as if all of a sudden in my eyes fresh up. I seem to see them along the Silk Road difficult to move forward figure, it seems also vaguely able to hear the silk trail of the Hanhai camel bell, nite, nite, echo in the distant historical time and space. Alone in the Suzaku Street, watching the streets everywhere brightly lit, illuminating the distant sky, especially the ancient city of red lanterns, and people to distinguish the ancient city of the neon signs, so that the ancient city has become more beautiful and more full of style. I think, even in the Han and Tang dynasties, I am afraid it can not achieve today's prosperity, after all, history is the develop
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