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Witam, mam pytanie.Czy wada wymowy może być dziedziczna?
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Re: dziedzicznosc

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ple are so, how many people, ambition, in life, can not find a way out, people do not dare to admit, how many people work, there is this opportunity, very attractive look forward to feel at a loss, this Zhongnan Temple Zen Master, Ambitious, full of self - confidence, to find who I am. Whirling the world, the vast expanse of life, why life seriously, life is like a play. How many people boast, I am a stone. How many people through the kick his knees, vindictive, life is short, people are good to be bullied, Ma Shan was riding, because man is a no faith of the nation. He is not a pure Han, retrospective five thousand years, summer, business, week, Jin Ge iron horse. Liao, Xixia, gold, mysterious Xixia Kingdom, dominated the centuries of the Dai Jin Dynasty, the Liao Dynasty, three hundred years of the Qing Dynasty, ruled the Chinese, to the Han Dynasty Liu Bang, is the Han nationality. The evolution of the nation, the evolution of race, can not be united and friendly, all in the nest, this thing because Scarpe Nike Air Max 2017 of human nature. How many people New Balance en ligne are so helpless, how many people claim to be small fish, small fish will fly out of the sea, nike pas cher as long as there is sun, there is a flash of opportunities, small fish by the sun and the moon essence, will string out sea level, Into a climate. How many people, self-proclaimed grass, into a tree, people love red eyes. Common words: line higher than people, people will be destroyed; wood show in the forest, the wind will destroy the. Mediocre easy to survive. Small grass is a small plant, not in the eyes, it has a high ambition, and can only grow silently, when it receives the sun and the moon, the wind and rain to know, grass Yin, also grow , Can not be taken lightly. In the world, the prophet foresight, after the knowledge of those who feel; Zen, who I am. A stone, small fish, grass, they are in their own lives, Shun days, geography, and the survival of the fittest. I believe that Zen Master for life, are not enlightened, this life mystery, interpretation of why people so hard, life to survive, itself is difficult. This is a philosophy.A city of fireworks life Life is already plain, add the flavors of miscellaneous, bitter chaussures de course Nike sweet, the burden of joy in the complex, the road is not clear, unknown fireworks life. Endless, and hope that the mountain is high; beautiful, and would like to be more graceful; people endless thoughts, control In life, the bell taste, in the heart. Rice and oil, salt, vinegar, fireworks, pots and pans in the pot, witness the true taste of life. Status and then high, fame and then ring, a high weight is three meals a day, a bed at night, then it rage, life is also a hundred years. Life treats us are equal, just use different ways to pursue, express a purpose, live life, fireworks life. Fireworks life, simple, with some of the best. Earlier, had thought, record the trajectory of the past years, such as those old houses, Nike Air Max Shoes old objects, the real life, copy a copy of memory on the board. Has been neglected lazy, no pen, had written a few, but tangled, did not continue. Always thought that life is taken, the intention to go, no need to let some of the scab of memory, once again pain for a while, even with that period of childhood, has been like a movie stop kaka. Even over and over again, a lot of time is drunk himself, laughing others, let him quietly sleep in the time machine, better! When the life of the past half, more and more like to tinker with those old things, so with some gorgeous Cheap Air Max Shoes rhetoric modification, with beautiful songs laying, always want to use a line of line perfect expression of inner desire. Finished one after another, had friends message: you write, the perfect is, just a tone, a little New Balance Sale Shenmeipilao. In fact, just because those languages, like the kind of context, like that a dream like a statement, just like it, a lot of time, would like to reply to the back of the way, They, but eventually ended up in a speech, do not want to say. So put a few days, but also wash rinse rinse, pots and pans of the rhythm, to the children busy before busy. Busy all the rest, and picked up the ink, or that window flowers, or that field before the next month the story, the original repeated, this is life, my fireworks Cheap Nike Air Max 90 shoes life! Everyone has a different way of life, everyone has a different fireworks life, perhaps you like rich fragrance, she likes plain and clean, just love different, the most important thing is that you like, is the best life. Flowers and wine, not everyone likes, the most suitable for their own, is the best, is Adidas Pas Cher Femme the water, there will be different access and wonderful. I have heard a song of 'I', I always love this kind of me; happy way is more than one, the most honored is that no one is the glory of the creator, do not dodge, live for my favorite life. Without powder, standing in the bright corner. I am my, is not the same color of the fireworks, the sky wide, to do the strongest bubble. I like me, let the rose out of a result. Lonely desert, as in full bloom. How happy to live happily in the glass house. Tell the world what is bright and upright. Different kind of
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