Cofanie rozwoju mowy

Cofanie rozwoju mowy

Postautor: aniamk » 29 kwie 2011, o 14:56

Moje 3-letnie dziecko od kilku tygodni jakby cofa się w rozwoju mowy, tzn. do tej pory wydawało mi się, że jego mowa rozwija się zupełnie poprawnie a teraz zaobserwowałam powrót do stanu sprzed co najmniej pól roku. Co się dzieje?
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Re: Cofanie rozwoju mowy

Postautor: czfgege » 30 wrz 2017, o 05:26

om scratch, each field should be on the scene of the 500 public review to sing, by the audience to choose the best on the spot, regardless of How much success they have made before, and whether or not these public commentaries represent the views of the real audience, but the singers must accept the results of the on-the-spot vote, and the final chaussure nike femme pas cher will be announced directly. This is not a very big stage, compared to tens of thousands of people concert, the 500 small hall is really too small, but the game is so cruel, the battle of them, all like a primary school student, sitting There are waiting for the audience to give their evaluation, nervous and Cheap Nike Free Shoes apprehension, frustration and joy, New Balance 574 each singer experienced a purgatory torment, looking forward to the audience recognition of their work, but no matter what, there will be a last sadly Leave. Because of a song 'I am a little bird' sang the north and south of the Zhao Chuan, 'dead love' in the treble Biao to no friends of the letter, even as a starter, still can not escape the fate of being eliminated. In fact, this is just a small test, or a program only, but a stop to this stage, will be involuntarily eager to be recognized and loved, eager to stand to the last king. But the audience is uncertain, the singer's situation is uncertain, maybe this is your first place, but who knows, maybe the next one you fall in the last. Every field is live, every field must go all out, no longer come, but even if you work hard, do not have a good result to return. The audience like what do not like anything, it is also very uncertain, you may be hard to show in some people is hypocritical, you change they may like you, you keep the character, but some people will think you are not new. And the subjective color of the audience is very strong, just like personal to judge, can not be measured from a professional point of view. And allow non-professional audience to buy it, so that the singer was worthy of success it In a wave of radish vegetables each have the eyes of the audience, resulting in the final song king, this episode is too ups and downs, unpredictable. Increased the suspense of the game, but also increased the program aspect. Especially our ordinary people, watched the singer Kankan rough game, roller coaster-like ranking, will think of their own life. We ordinary people who are not eligible to talk about winning or losing, because the flat life how to compare the winning and losing it? We can see their win or lose, and then the concept of success has a new understanding. You are successful in this field, but in another place may not Adidas Pas Cher Femme be able to succeed, and you here failed, another place you are air max pas cher still a hero. But the premise is that you have to pay hundreds of percent of the effort so that your success can blossom everywhere, so even if they are eliminated can not participate in the final song hegemony, but they are still successful, did not reduce the audience to them Of the enthusiasm and love, in this sense, the program set is successful, the original intention of the program is also successful, because it tells a truth, life has a stage everywhere, life everywhere have the audience, as long as you have this Level, there will be the same level of the audience, as long as you have prepared, at any time in any place bloom. The success of a stage is not always a success, a stage of failure is not a permanent failure. Frequently encountered an accident, such as illness or injury, but never give up. This period of the singer Zhang Xinzhe played a surprise, because the day back and forth he suffered a serious cold, because the body easily allergies can not just use the needle, can only give him physical therapy, rehearsal when he even said Do not come out, can not rehearse, the director asked his advice, he just said to be determined to play, so, simply do not know if he can sing out of the case, he played on the concert, an opening, let the scene Of the audience touched the tears, and applause is one after another, his song is not superstar adidas as clear as ever, but also a complete effort to sing the whole song, you know, before he even can Scarpe Nike Air Max 2017 Scontate not Cheap Nike Air Max Shoes speak, this is the attitude and sincerity , Even in the face of the most bad state, can not lose a singer's professionalism. Li Wen in the first two games is also an unexpected sound, the voice of the voice is quite hoarse, but she still insisted on singing the song more difficult, after singing even apologize Cheap Air Max Shoes that they did not come up with a better level sorry audience The Joey is also in the rehearsal dance accidentally sprained his ankle, the doctor suggested that no longer can not dance, because she was also anxious to tears, but after the tears are still spirited to play, quietly insist , She jumped an action, sitting in the following other singers will be distressed to suck a cold lump, do not consciously looked at his feet, as if to feel the pain that pain. Stars are ordinary people, they will have health damage, they will have pain and discomfort, but one to the stage, they have no other ideas in addition to hard work. Never casually succeeds, nor sudden
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Re: Cofanie rozwoju mowy

Postautor: wawa » 9 paź 2017, o 04:52

Yes, I agree, watch this!

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Wróć do Pytania/problemy rodziców - Wydaje mi się, że... Mam pytanie... Co zrobić gdy...

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