problemy gramatyczne

problemy gramatyczne

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Moje 3-letnie dziecko używając czasowników, nie potrafi poprawnie użyć czasu i osoby. Posługuje się wyłącznie 3 os. l.poj, Czy powinnam się niepokoić?
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Re: problemy gramatyczne

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tandem together. The whole poem by the King, the situation, in order to start with a very rich atmosphere of the Qingli pen, creatively depict the scenery of the river night night, to describe the sincere and moving from the emotional and philosophical meaning of life, language rich and beautiful, Rhythm of melodious melancholy, giving a fresh and natural feeling and beauty to enjoy. Some people say that Wang Wei's poems in the painting, painting poetry, but Zhang Ruoxu this poem is not just a still painting, but also a scene blend, the United States to the ultimate flow of pictures. The Nike Air Max 90 shoes poet in the beginning of the spring tide with the sea level, the sea moon a total of tide, we show the panorama of Jianghai moon, and then the lens with the river flow, gradually pulled away, where the Spring River no moon, the poet will expand consciousness To the universe, found that moonlight is not only in the front of the flower forest, the beach, should Nike Air max also be on every river. At this time the poet in the riverside and the eternal moon suddenly met, thinking of the river who saw the beginning of the month? Jiang Yue at the beginning of Air Max 2017 Outlet the year according to people, but that life is endless, Jiang Yue years similar. And then curious I do not know who Jiang Yu, but see the Yangtze River to send water. After this thought, the poet seems from the universe of heaven and earth insight into the limited and infinite balance, from the individual life of the temporary thought of the eternal existence of mankind, and then think of the everlasting month, life and Jiang Yue to coexist. Which led to the people thinking people, visitors homesickness of the eternal people of the prevalence of chivalrous feelings. Moon and people's thoughts and feelings of mutual penetration, blend with each other, so that the scene and love become a whole one. The reason why the poem is beautiful, but also the spring, river, flower, month, night, the five natural themes are independent, they with the poet's poetic traction, accidental encounter, have an interactive relationship, they are friends , But also strangers, meet by chance, and their departure. They are in full self-independence, to enjoy another completely independent, with its air max pas cher different life status. Admit that you are different from me, but I am not against you, we can exist at the same time, and different. Life is thousands of state, life is changing, there is reasonable, as long as the people in our lives, no Air Max Shoes Online matter who, are worthy of our respect, to appreciate, because only they can reflect the real of us. Life, if we can appreciate the eyes of the people on the matter, we will have a lifetime of happiness to get the interactive mode.A city. A story 2013 into the university, college graduates in 2016, can not say what feelings, in short, is to sigh about the short life and the heat of the situation. After three months of my college graduation, I had the first job in the true sense, and it Chaussures pour Homme Nike was the same process, and I expected the results. I did not seem to be dissatisfied with this because I thought it was time to break out. The power of the prehistoric, and this, I am excited for a long time. Can be life is such a drama, when I boring sitting on the desk, beating this one and work unrelated article, I think you can imagine how I was a mood, and I admit I am a little back and I would like to change my job, and I will soon turn the idea into action, and the day I said this idea and my vote. We are the same, he is smarter than me, than I am real, than I can understand the rules of this society, so when I put this impulsive idea and he said after he did not have too much expression, but indifferent to see After a little time, he and Nike Air Jordan Pas Cher I said: tell me about your idea, since the beginning of work, we have not talked about each other's ideas, I would like to hear you now plan. I was silent, because I did not have any plans, just want to go every step is their favorite. I do not know how intuitive and he expressed my thoughts, I do not like misunderstanding, so I simply said one: I do not like the current state. We are together for three years, every one of my emotions every action he knows what I want to express what it means, so he will soon be able to know my true feelings. He silently lit a cigarette, smoke like my mind at this time, muddy unclear. In my impression he rarely because of one thing too difficult to give up, he has been very brave and very smart and very flexible. So a lot of things he will help me considerate, so there will be dependent Cheap Nike Air Max 90 shoes and trust. He Cheap Nike Air Max almost every day that tired, but never see him stop, so many times do not want to give him a burden, but this is really wronged his own. About the twentieth time, his earnest and I said: I know you are not happy, after all, for the environment, you stay at home for several months, so the new environment for you may not adapt, I understand also understand. He began to talk about my time is not how he and his colleagues from the strange to the familiar, he was ramble, I listened quietly. Finally, slowly talked about the focus, I know you are eager t
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Re: problemy gramatyczne

Postautor: evahe » 13 paź 2017, o 08:49

7, Calvino 'Wrong station' The wolf's 'wrong station' was created according 2017 Adidas NMD to the novel of Calvino. This is Chaussures pour Homme Nike almost no 'point to the' novel, the content is simple and unusual, just talked about a person to go out, and then sit Nike Air Max Shoes the wrong car, and then saw the accident scene. But in such a thin context, Calvino blurred and fiddled with it, through the environment of the contrast, the Cheap Air Max Shoes character of the psychological activities, paved a life of the occasional occasional and uncertainty. In such occasional and uncertain, the characters get the unexpected scenery and physical and mental experience, often break the dull life, added a different kind of posture. This novel is light, does not seem to deliberately emphasize a certain meaning, but the Scarpe Nike Air Max 2017 Scontate whole filled with poetic and easy to let people imagination. 8, Wu Zhongquan 'autumn grass yellow' Wu Zhongquan belongs to the rare young writers with writing talent. But his works are mixed, very few novels are written almost bad, but rather part of the short part of a written exceptionally sophisticated, quite everyone's wind This novel is included in 'no more than life is more lonely', which is what I think his best book. The book is defined as prose, but actually closer to the novel. The plot is not complicated, tells a man because of the former girlfriend, back home to meet with them, looking for lost memories. But things are people, the former girlfriend has a new ownership. He dating with his ex-girlfriend, eating, walking, but both with the old gap, everything is gone. The whole conversation is minimal, but the rendering and white strokes are in place, silence wins. 9, Zeng Chu Bridge 'for the rest of his life' Encounter this novel is in the train station of the newspaper stand, the train line to midnight very much to see this novel, stunning endless. The novel makes people very easy to think of Wong Kar Wai. Because the novel's dialogue and composition of the style of Wong Kar Wai film. The novel has only one man and one woman two characters, their encounter, experience, ending, have a strong fate color, like a conceptual existence, pen has been hanging in the air, causing the plot seems empty, unrealistic The But the charm of this writing lies in the real life of the virtual, in the inner world of the characters unlimited amplification, through a brief, machine-like dialogue, sketched the love of crazy obsession, crazy and desolate. The author's writing sense Cheap Nike Air Max 90 shoes of the language is very good, the final ending of the dialogue can not nike tn pas cher help but move, a long time difficult to let go. 10, listen to the tide outside the 'deaf listen to the dumb said blind saw' Although the author of this novel is now unknown, but does not prevent my love of this novel. In the novel juvenile there are three old friends, a deaf, a dumb, a blind man, through the three old friends with the fortune, sketched out a floating dream of emotional picture, revealing a kind of life, Reiki. The language of the novel poetic, long and short sentences staggered, the existence of the characters are not realistic, more like a symbol exists. The whole story of a mixture of people between the fate of a sense of freedom. The character of the wandering, depressed, kind, and the world of incompatibility led to the conflict between the birth and the WTO, in the final conflict, the years silence and everything, the characters over time also received self-salvation and inner access The120cm distance Emotion is a very strange thing, though derived from the people but not completely controlled by the people, Pas cher Chaussures Nike and even it can contain people's behavior, once it appeared, like a runaway wild horse did not suffer Tube bundle, difficult to control. They are just from the beginning of the serious and cautious, through the understanding and running together to understand each other, friendly, if they are girls, that is called girlfriends, if all boys, people can not help but guess is Adidas Pas Cher Femme the base Friends
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