Pokemon Go Power Leveling

Pokemon Go Power Leveling

Postautor: mxj123 » 20 wrz 2016, o 10:10

I've spent weeks traversing New England, Canada, and the west coast with the goal of Pokemon Go Power Leveling trying to find as many diverse locales as possible - to truly test Niantic's claim that your locations change what type of Pokémon you see. In addition , I chatted with folks on Twitter, one of whom pointed me to the holy grail of Pokémon Go data: The Silph Road's excellent statistical breakdown of how Pokémon spawn in Pokémon Go.

Between all of these data points, I can say pretty confidently that your location (whether that's at a specific point of interest or a more general location, like "near a pond") and climate dramatically affect what Pokémon you'll see in that area. http://www.vippokemongo.com/
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