Many refueling stations

Many refueling stations

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MADRID Malcom Brown Limited Jersey , Oct. 29 (Xinhua) -- The deficit of the Spanish public administration stood at 5.07 percent of the country's gross domestic product (GDP) until August, the Spanish Secretary of State for Finance Marta Fernandez-Curras announced on Tuesday.

Fernandez-Curras reported that the deficit totaled 51.981 billion euros (71.543 billion U.S. dollars), including the deficit of the central administration, Autonomous Communities (Spain's regions) and Social Security. The deficit of the local governments was excluded.

The 51.981 billion euros also includes the public financial aid injected into Spanish banks. However, without taking into account this financial aid Spain's public deficit stood at 49.207 billion euros representing 4.8 percent of Spain's GDP.

The deficit of the Spanish central administration reached 39.188 billion euros until August, which represented 3.82 percent of the country's GDP; while the Autonomous Communities registered a deficit of 8.135 billion euros, 0.79 percent of Spain's GDP.

The government emphasized that Spanish Autonomous Communities were making big efforts to reach 2013 deficit target, at 1.3 percent.

Meanwhile, Spain's Social Security had a deficit of 1.884 billion euros, which represented 0.18 percent of the country's GDP, while its 2013 deficit target is 1.40 percent.

Fernandez-Curras explained that the government expected local governments to register surplus which would help improve the public deficit figure, while pointing out that it also expected Autonomous Communities to fulfill their 2013 deficit target.

According to the Secretary, Spain is on the right track to meet the 2013 deficit target required by Brussels: 6.5 percent excluding public financial aid to the banking system.

There are programs that have been created to help in creating a new market for alternative fuels that have been discovered around the world. These programs promote and create markets for highly developed, renewable and alternative energy and transportation technology. Their main target is to provide an incentive for opportunities that manage fuel resources across the world. They support economic improvement, improve the environment and boost the quality of lives.

Alternative Fuel Sources

Alternative fuels are any substance that can be used to replace normal fuel. Some of the normal fuels include coal, propane, natural gas, petroleum, and fossil fuels. Some of these fuel is produced domestically making many nations self dependent. The government promotes this alternative fuel program by offering tax incentives to vehicle owners who buy and use the alternative fuels. Some of them include ethanol which is produced from corn, biodiesel that is made from animal fats and vegetable oil, propane, hydrogen, and natural gas.

Alternative fuel Automobiles

Many people are getting interested in the alternative fuel vehicles. These vehicles help in reducing the use of petroleum and emissions of vehicles. Biodiesel is one type that is being used in the automobiles. Power pug-in electric vehicles use electricity to make them move. Ethanol is mixed with gasoline to make it suitable for use in the vehicle. Others are hydrogen, natural gas and propane.

Alternate Energy Sources

These alternate energy sources help in reducing amount of toxins which are the by products of energies. They help to preserve many natural resources. They are used to preserve the many natural resources in the surrounding. Some of the alternate energy sources include wind power, solar power and geothermal energy.

Electrical Generation using coal

Producing electricity using coal helps in improving the thermal efficiency of the power stations. The emission plays an important role of removing carbon monoxide at a global level. Use of coal in producing electricity is increasing in most developing countries making the other forms dormant. Many power stations are increasing the production of electricity with coal in countries like Australia. There has been a big hope of improving this mode of electricity production because of the reduced prices it has.

Hydrogen Fuel cell cars

Hydrogen has replaced gasoline that is used in many vehicles. Many vehicle users depend on the dirty fossil fuel for fuel. Introduction of hydrogen fuel cars will assist in reducing the use of such fuels. Hydrogen is clean, efficient and abundant putting it in a better position than others like fossil fuel. It is disadvantaged by storage which is very difficult.

Biofuel Cars

Many refueling stations have started adapting to the new fuel. Although biofuel’s economy is still very low, they do not cause any damage to vehicles engines making them good for use in the vehicle industry.

Biodiesel cars

Biodiesel is not good for many vehicles because it destroys the fuel system of a car. It is very incompatible compared to biofuel. Any person using these biodiesel cars have to change the compatible parts of the car to make it effective. Tweet

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