changing from a stability to neutral shoe

changing from a stability to neutral shoe

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The original incarnation of Nike Free 5.0 Online Shop the Nike Free 3.0 was a masterpiece. It was the shoe that led me away from heavy stability trainers and into the world of lightweight flexibility (you can read my dusty old review from May 2009 here). It wasn’t wide by any means, but to this day I’d say it has one of the best uppers I’ve ever worn, and the silence of the sole against the ground was magnificent. Unfortunately, the Free line is trending more and more towards fashion over function these days, and I put the 4th incarnation of the Free 3.0 up on Ebay after only one run. This is one shoe that will remain in my closet forever.

These light, great running, super stylish (now and then) handmade leather shoes with a crescent shaped last are still available now, completely unchanged. Most innovative and influential, to this day the Nike and Tiger Marathon Obrazek nylon super minimal flats, the Nike Tailwind the first Air trainer, and the Terra T/C the first lightweight racer trainer with long lasting Phylon midsole. The Terra T/C as I recall it is not much different than today’s hot Kinvara, Pure Project, etc.. and this from 30 years ago. Of course upper materials are better and the heels have dropped

I too had a bout of ITBS 11 years ago that stopped me cold from any running. Having tried everything I found someone who did active release technique (ART) within the space of three sessions I was up and running again. I can’t tell you how many times in the past 11 years ART has helped me with running related injuries and got me back on the road. Breaking up that scar tissue is critical to allowing the muscle to function properly again.

I agree completely, changing from a stability to neutral shoe made a world of difference for me. I’ve also used the strap that holds the ITB tight so that friction doesn’t build up. Changing shoes was an easy fix for me and I’m glad to hear it has also worked for someone else.

This is so interesting– Nike Free 5.0 Dame and exciting! My college cross country and track career ended prematurely because of chronic IT band pain– the whole time, everyone from my coach, to the trainers, to shoe sales clerks kept telling me that because of the IT band problems it was essential that I always use a stability shoe. Not wanting to risk worsening the problem, that’s exactly what I did…. now I’m thinking that I was making it worse by following their directions. THANK YOU! I am going to try a neutral/minimal shoe and see if Nike Free 5.0 herre I can actually run again for the first time in years.
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