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Homme Nike Shox 807 Bleu Noir Soldes

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Unemployment exensions for the long-term jobless is among a raft of programs set to expire in January without congressional reauthorization. While Democrats have been making the most noise about renewing the benefits Adidas Superstar Or Pas Cher , Republicans have been quietly supportive. An extension seems likely, even though in 2010 partisan squabbling repeatedly delayed checks to millions.

In October, as Brandon’s jobless spell entered its seventh month, his state benefits expired and he moved to the first tier of federal benefits, which lasts 20 weeks. As of November, 3.4 million people out of work six months or longer were relying on federal jobless benefits Adidas Superstar Blanche Pas Cher , down from 4.6 million at this time last year.

For the past three years, the full regimen of federal benefits has provided assistance up to 73 weeks, but if Brandon is still jobless he won’t be able to advance past the first federal tier — if Congress fails to act. Without a reauthorization, some 1.8 million people would see their benefits peter out in January. (Congress is not seriously considering any additional benefits for the 2 million who’ve been out of work longer than 99 weeks and are thus beyond the reach of unemployment insurance.)

After speaking to a room packed with other union members, reporters and Democratic members of Congress, Brandon told HuffPost he’s taking web-design classes in hopes of landing a job with a youth advocacy nonprofit. He said he’s considered returning to truck driving Adidas Superstar Noir et Blanche Pas Cher , which he did before becoming a bus operator, but the work would pay less than what he receives in benefits. Also, he said, “It would disconnect me from my family.”

Of course, Brandon said he would rather have a job than an unemployment extension check.

“And as a matter of fact, I need to get back to work Adidas Superstar Blanche et Noir Pas Cher , not just for myself but also for my five-year-old daughter who relies on me for care and support, not to mention my son, who’s currently in college,” he said, “and for my fiance who is patiently waiting for a ring.”

Read more on Unemployment Extension Benefits

or file for an Unemployment Extension immediately.

BEIJING, Sept. 22 (Xinhua) -- Although the Mid-Autumn Festival is still more than a week away Adidas Superstar Noir Pas Cher , mooncakes are already on people's minds.

Mid-Autumn Day, the 15th day of the eighth month of China's lunar calendar, falls on Oct. 4 this year. The festival has been celebrated for more than 3,000 years during the full moon to mark the autumn harvest. It is also an occasion for family gatherings featuring lanterns, riddles and, of course Adidas Superstar Pride Pack Pas Cher , mooncakes.

While mooncakes are traditionally stuffed with sweetened bean paste or lotus seed paste, some mooncake sellers have caused a stir by advertising more exotic fillings, such as abalone, bullfrog and even traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

On e-commerce website Taobao, a set of abalone mooncakes costs 268 yuan (41 U.S. dollars). The ingredient table on the package says the amount of abalone is "higher than 3 percent." However, the vendor claimed that the mooncakes only have "abalone flavor Adidas Superstar Slip On Pas Cher ," rather than actual abalone meat. In the comment section of another vendor on Taobao, some customers said that the mooncakes had "very little abalone meat" and "tasted like ordinary steamed buns."

Another vendor has been selling "TCM mooncakes" on Taobao. The ingredient table claims the cakes contain prepared rehmannia root, Chinese angelica, white peony root and chuanxiong, four common TCM ingredients. The advertisement for the mooncakes touts their "clot-absorbing" and "nourishing" effects.

Zhang Hua, a state-level health manager in northwest China's Shaanxi Province Adidas Superstar Fleur Pas Cher , said that caring for one's health "takes some time" and cannot be achieved through a few bites of mooncake.

"Mooncakes are seasonal food," Zhang said. "It is impossible to 'nourish the body' by just eating the ingredients once or twice."

A 2015 regulation set specific standards for mooncake production in China. For example, the regulation stipulated that mooncakes with lotus seed paste stuffing should contain at least 60 percent lotus seeds.

"Mooncakes should be made according to the standards, and the process should be supervised," said an industry insider who declined to be named.

A mooncake maker told Xinhua that many handmade mooncakes on the market are produced without government certificates and pose potential hazards to human health.

"Many people just make mooncakes in home workshops without paying attention to hygiene," said the mooncake producer.

Authorities across the country have already begun an overhaul of the industry as Mid-Autumn Festival approaches. In Beijing Adidas Superstar Lotus Pas Cher , the local food and drug administration launched an inspection of 53 mooncake-making companies, while establishing a reporting system to enhance supervision. Similar inspections have been initiated in provinces including Hainan and Guizhou.

Experts said it is necessary to increase supervision of mooncake producers and demand they operate according to laws and regulations.

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YANGON, Aug. 27 (Xinhua) -- Myanmar boxers are due to take part in the Ultimate Letwhay International Challenge Fight to be held at Woodland Sports Hall in Singapore on Aug. 31, sports circle said Wednesday.

This is the second time that Myanmar holds traditional boxing challenge .
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