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BEIRUT , Oct. 7 (Xinhua) -- Um Mahnoud Fatima al-Ali, a 60- year-old woman from Lebanon's Kfarkela border town, said that many doctors she visited failed during five years to find proper treatment for her high blood pressure and then she decided to visit a Chinese field hospital where doctors helped her recovery.

"I found all the care and concern in my treatment at the field hospital. I ran many laboratory tests and X rays and the doctors managed to diagnose my illness and prescribed the needed medicine," she told Xinhua.

She stressed that she was fully recovered after two months of treatment "and the regular symptoms of headaches and dizziness are all gone."

The Chinese battalion working within the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) acquired the trust and affection of the Lebanese living in its area of operations, due to the numerous medical aid it provided as well as its successful operations of demining the fields from the cluster bombs left by the Israeli army during its multiple military operations against Lebanon.

The Chinese field hospital set up inside the "Miguel De Servantes base" within the Eastern Sector Command of the UNIFIL receives daily tens of civilian patients who found the needed care and medical aid including laboratory tests for diabetes and blood pressure as well as treatment from heart, lung and dental problems , where the medicine is prescribed and given for free.

As for Abir Abul Mohammad from the Wazzani town, who was diagnosed with diabetes and anemia since 10 years, she told Xinhua "I found with the Chinese hospital and doctors an effective medicine for my illness."

She added "what the Chinese medical team prescribed to me was more effective, better and faster than any other treatment and I was encouraged to send all my fellows to be treated at this hospital whatever their illness is."

For his part, 70-year-old Ahmad al-Atwi from the town of Hebbarieh, he pointed out that the Chinese field hospital frequently organizes medical camps within the southern towns , and the team runs a complete check-up for the elderlies and provides them with the needed laboratory tests, X rays and medicines.

He added "when needed, those with severe cases are normally transported to the field hospital for immediate care and observation."

Amin abou Ghbara, mayor of Maiss border town, hailed the role played by the Chinese battalion within the UNIFIL and its medical and social services, pointing out to the treatment of tens of chronic cases monthly , "which turned the field hospital into a highly demanded medical resort for the civilians in south Lebanon."

As for the demining efforts of the Chinese battalion, locals in south Lebanon noted the success of the Chinese in removing hundreds of cluster bombs that previously have caused the injury of many civilians.

The Lebanese army received aid from the Chinese battalion in the form of equipment for the demining operations, granted by the Chinese government in an effort to enhance the capabilities of the Lebanese army in this field.

A Chinese officer who declined to give his name, told Xinhua that "seminars have been organized by the Chinese battalion to train the Lebanese army officers on demining operations, and it included the task of drawing mine maps and marking mine fields before demining them."

Samer Hmayed, a herder from the Taybe village in the border area with Israel , told Xinhua that the cluster bombs caused the amputation of my brother's leg and the killing of dozens of goats."

He added 'but the demining success of the Chinese battalion made the fields safe again and saved my life and the lives of many herders in the area."

BEIJING, Sept. 18 (Xinhua) -- China opposes any country's challenge to its sovereignty and security in the South China Sea, a foreign ministry spokesman said on Friday.

"China has strong historical evidence and legal support to justify our sovereignty over the Nansha Islands and their adjacent waters," Spokesman Hong Lei said at a regular press briefing in response to a U.S. general's latest remarks on the South China Sea.

The commander of U.S. forces in the Pacific said Thursday that America should challenge China's claim to territory in the South China Sea by patrolling close to artificial islands built by China.

At Friday's briefing, Hong said China, just like the United States , upholds freedom of navigation in South China Sea.

"However, we oppose any country's challenge, in the name of freedom of navigation, to China's sovereignty and security in the South China Sea," said the spokesman.

"We ask relevant parties to speak and act discreetly, respect China's sovereignty and security interests , and do not make any provocative moves," Hong said.

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