Bad Packing: It can pack a whole lot of trouble for your wal

Bad Packing: It can pack a whole lot of trouble for your wal

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COPENHAGEN Authentic Jake DeBrusk Jersey , July 25 (Xinhua) -- Denmark's ferry operators have increased screening of Norway-bound passengers after Norwegian authorities warned of a serious terrorist threat in the country, local media reported Friday.

All passengers aboard Stena Line, which departs for Oslo from Frederikshavn in northern Denmark, had their passports or driving licenses checked, according to Danish newswire Ritzau.

Another ferry company Fjord Line Authentic Charlie McAvoy Jersey , sailing between Denmark's seaport Hirtshals and Norway, elevated security levels without Danish authorities requesting it, company CEO Gert Balling told Danish public broadcaster DR News.

Both companies have hired extra guards to help with the intensified security controls.

While no police have been seen at Danish ports, controls at Norwegian ports are considerably more comprehensive than usual.

News of a possible terrorist threat came two days after the anniversary of Anders Breivik's massacre in Oslo and Utoya Island that killed 77 Norwegians in 2011.

Danish intelligence services PET said it was closely watching the situation in Norway.

Earlier this year, the agency said a terror threat to Denmark "remains significant Authentic Tim Schaller Jersey ," yet "the risk of falling victim to a terrorist attack in Denmark remains very limited."

PET said the current threat is especially influenced by the conflict in Syria, adding that at least 90 individuals have left Denmark for Syria since 2012 and some of them have acquired skills to carry out terror attacks.

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Bad Packing: It can pack a whole lot of trouble for your wallet.
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