Ecological wood rapid occupation of the market know-how?

Ecological wood rapid occupation of the market know-how?

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In recent years, with the rapid development of real estate economy, the decoration industry is also wind and water, abnormal hot, in the choice of decoration materials for consumers is also an increase of a lot of trouble, because the decoration materials on the market a lot, the effect is A variety of brands is no one for the first time the owners of the decoration is indeed a great choice of materials is difficult, the following we recommend the ecological wood.

Ecological wood is the resin and wood fiber and polymer materials, high temperature, extrusion, molding and other processes made of various forms of wood products. The product retains the vitality of the natural wood texture texture and beautiful wood grain, at the same time with water, fire, ultraviolet light stability, good coloring, insulation, insulation, temperature, corrosion, moth, mildew, its The products are widely used in indoor and outdoor decoration and industrial supporting products: the product can be 100% re-use, the product can be widely used in the production of various kinds of plastic, aluminum, Is the world's highly respected green products.
Ecological wood ten advantages

1, rich colors, modeling at random: rich color products, can be straight, fast, line, surface of people who have died modeling, fully meet the designers endless imagination and creative inspiration to play.

2, comfortable, natural: with the inherent natural wood affinity and the appearance of wood texture.

3, wide range of uses: can be widely used in various types of gardens, leisure and entertainment, commercial exhibition space and high-end Jashe indoor and outdoor walls, the top surface modeling and the use of the floor.

4, long service life: the product life of up to 15 years.

5, waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, no deformation: ecological wood and ordinary wood products, metal products more waterproof, moisture. Can be directly used for zero on the 70 degrees Celsius - minus 20 degrees Celsius in bad weather conditions, dry and wet environment, and will not be deformed, cracking, warping, moldy, corrosion, deformation.

6, anti-ultraviolet, anti-aging: a good anti-aging, anti-UV (anti-UV), anti-pollution performance. Color fastness in line with national standards, can be assured for indoor and outdoor decoration, and save later maintenance costs.

7, easy to clean, anti-moth: can effectively eliminate insect harassment, clean and easy care.

8, insulation, insulation, fire retardant: ecological wood with the same thermal conductivity of wood is very small, well below the aluminum and plastic, the summer can be insulated, warm in winter, energy-saving effect of good low heat conduction, thermal insulation, Flame retardant grade can reach the national standard B1 level.

9, environmental health: no pollution, pollution-free. Product does not contain benzene, formaldehyde content is lower than the European top environmental standards EO-class standards. Is a revolutionary energy-saving environmentally friendly decorative products. Eco-wood is the wood in the recycling, greatly improving the comprehensive timber Lee Yong-Li and can recycling recycling.

10, easy installation, low cost: ecological wood can be nailed, can be planed, sawing, installation fast and efficient, without painting, and without any odor, the installation can be used immediately to save money.
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