Pedro Pedro opened! Chelsea did not miss Fulham. Up to 3 tem

Pedro Pedro opened! Chelsea did not miss Fulham. Up to 3 tem

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Pedro and Ruben Lufthansa - Sheikh beat off the door, Chelsea opened the home defeat Fulham 2-0, resulting in the "Sing the Blues" up to the 3rd place, temporary score after the crowd. Manchester City 7 points in English Premier League football on 2 Dec 61
Stadium : Stamford Bridge

"Blue Lion indigo" Chelsea opened the nest match Derby match of West London by changing two positions to Pedro with Olivier Giroud, instead of Willem and Alvaro Morat. Eden Hazard on the 200th in the Premier League.

While Fulham's Claudio Ranieri, Chelsea's former Chelsea midfielder, has no real injury, Stephan joins Jensen to pin down the statistics of his match. Fulham won by one out of 26 appearances back in 2006, then lost 15 to 10.

Chelsea out with a lead. At the break of the midfield of Enrique, Teatre, swung by Jean Michel Serie and dragged a hint to the penalty area, then stabbed Pedro to block the defender before firing left with no left. Chelsea lead 1- 0 in 4

The hosts are in charge of the ball, but Fulham responded with a 25-yard shot from Calum Chomber's full-back Gashapi's hand in the 16th minute GentingClub
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