martial arts, and other applic

martial arts, and other applic

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Finance > Stock MarketHead Guards Market Demand is Increasing in Most Part of World 2028
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Safety equipment plays an important role in protecting sports enthusiasts from various injuries. Head guard is the key protection equipment widely used in games like boxing, baseball and rugby. This equipment has gained traction among athletes from amateur to professional players in both, national and international competitions. Rising number of national and international sports competitions globally, the demand for head guards has surged, which will in turn increase the volume of head guard sells from retail outlets to the company online sales channel.

Many sports associations such as World Rugby, International Baseball Federation and World Boxing Association have necessitated the use of head guards for players in sports matches. In baseball alone, there are over 35 million players at different levels Cheap Lebron Shoes , and the U.S. houses close to 14 million amateur and professional players. This massive number of participants in baseball creates a significant customer base for head guard products, which is further augmented due to several cases of head injuries in the recent past. Apart from baseball, over 5-7% of the global population indulges in sports activity that needs head guards. Companies have an enormous opportunity to grab a considerable market share from baseball protection products.

Global Head Guards Market Scenario

Head guards market across the globe is expected to show a significant growth with a single digit rise in CAGR over 2018 to 2028. There has been a considerable increase in the head guards market owing to rising demand for protection equipment, which will increase the production of head guards globally. The developed economies of North America and Europe has a large number of prominent head guard companies, with high investment capability, and due to the presence of more baseball, rugby , soccer players there is a significant demand for the equipment in this regions. However, the market is expected to grow moderately in developed countries and will show considerable growth in developing countries, such as India, Brazil and China due to increasing number of participants and competitions in the emerging nations. The largest share is expected to be contributed by North America followed by Europe and APEJ in head guards market. The global head guard market is highly fragmented owing to presence of large number of local as well as regional players. This market structure has led to vacillating price differences across the globe.

Global Head Guards Market Dynamics

The primary factor driving the growth of head guards market in the sports industry is the continuous innovation with respect to size, safety issues, and comfort of players, which varies from sport-to-sport. Alternate factors driving the global head guards market include Cheap New Lebron James Shoes , growing urbanization, vast number of sports participants at national as well as international level, and rising health awareness about the use of protective equipment. Thus, manufacturers of head guards are becoming more concerned regarding the safety issue of players and investing a considerable amount of money for innovation in the head guards market.

Some of the restraining factors in the head guards’ market growth could be their ban in the previous Olympics due to increasing number of head injuries since its introduction in boxing competitions.

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Global Head Guards Market Segmentation

The head guards market can be segmented into product types, age group, application, and sales channel. On the basis of product types Cheap Lebron James Soldier Shoes , head guards can be categorized into open face head guards, cheek protection guard, full face head guards, junior kits head guards and nose bar protector. On the basis of age group, head guards market can be segmented into kids and adults. On the basis of application, head guards market can be classified into boxing, rugby Cheap Lebron James Shoes Online , baseball, taekwondo, mixed martial arts, and other applications. On the basis of sales channel, the market can be segmented into direct to customer online channel, modern trade, sports chain outlet Cheap Lebron James Shoes Wholesale , specialty stores, third-party online channel, and sports variety stores. Geographically, the global head guards market can be segmented into seven regions, namely North America, Latin America, Europe Cheap Lebron James Shoes 2019 , Japan, Asia Pacific except Japan, and Middle East Africa.

Global Head Guards Market Key Players

Despite the concentration of players in North America, head guards manufacturers are mainly focusing on Asian countries, mostly in China and India. These companies are continuously introducing innovations in the head guards’ products. Some of the key market participants in the global head guards market are Adidas AG, Fairtex, Storelli Sports LLC Cheap Lebron James Shoes 2018 , Everlast Worldwide, Inc., Rival Boxing Gear Inc., and other regional & international players.

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