Destiny clearly smiled on France

Destiny clearly smiled on France

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Despite the intimidating fifa coins buy atmosphere, the playmaker never let the occasion get to her. Well versed in the art of spot kicks, she approached her task with steely nerves and the wise words of her coach Guy Ferrier still ringing in her ears. "When we got together before the shoot-out, he said to us: 'Girls, you're going to take your kicks, but your destiny has already been decided. It's written. Destiny already knows who will win and who will lose. ' In the end, no one put pressure on themselves. We told ourselves we'd just take our kicks and see how it turned out. "

Destiny clearly smiled on France, because it was Les Bleuettes who finished their unforgettable journey on a high after eight attempts by both teams. "The challenges we overcame during that tournament help us in every competition to this day, whether it's with our clubs or France, adds Toletti, who earned promotion to the senior side in 2013. "We spent a month and a half together and we never had the slightest problem or issue. We got on so well that we didn't even miss our families. We were happy together, laughed all the time and would even have liked it to last longer. "
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