had better use the floor

had better use the floor

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And heat preservation more than 24 hours, make the dry ground, to ensure that the moisture content is up to the standard. Second, the installation process, the most important details order has exquisite floating installation, had better use the Anti-corrosion wood-plastic bench
through cushion material close to the ground, not have gap between floor and ground surface, and to set aside larger shrinkage cracks between the floor.
Due to water heating of the heat release of tidal volume is big, so the moisture to effort. When the shop is to clean up the ground first, pay attention to the corner cleaning up straight, ensure to set aside enough expansion joints. Spread a layer of plastic sheeting, the second step on the ground with isolated from moisture, to make plastic sheeting in four respectively 10 cm above the ground in the corner.Sea Deck Flooring
The third step laid mat.
Note to set aside expansion joints, overlapping interface at least 5 cm, and must be sealed with duct tape. To use thicker than the ordinary floor skirting board, and independent construction. Installed 24 hours before the floor heating. In order to facilitate heat conduction, cushion material shoulds not be too thick.WPC Wall Panel-Give You Different Beauty
In addition, special glue to use geothermal floor; Can't pave rubber gasket.
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