rs in play for Madison. One is simply emotional distress, an

rs in play for Madison. One is simply emotional distress, an

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It’s October 31st Geronimo Allison Jersey White , and in honor of Halloween, we at Acme Packing Company have spent all day doing diligent research on the Green Bay Packers’ roster in advance of Sunday night’s game against the New England Patriots. Just kidding. We spent the middle of the day brainstorming about which players would be which Halloween candies. Here’s a look at the starting lineup as represented by what candy they would appear as in your kids’ trick-or-treat buckets at the end of the night.OFFENSEQuarterback: Aaron Rodgers = Reese’s Peanut Butter CupsThe GOAT quarterback of course gets the GOAT Halloween candy. If you disagree with classic Reese’s cups being the GOAT, then we can’t be friends. Fortunately for Packers fans, there isn’t a QB exchange machine where teams can swap out their crappy ones (like Blake Bortles) for Rodgers clones.Running Back: Aaron Jones = Pop RocksThe Packers’ most explosive runner gets the most explosive candy available.Wide ReceiversDavante Adams = Mars barRandall Cobb = Candy cornGeronimo Allison = Charleston ChewAdams is showing his talent to be otherworldly this year; plus, Mars bars are amazing but never get the attention that they deserve. As for Cobb, he has become quite a polarizing player in the receiver rotation, not unlike the love-it-or-hate-it candy corn. Besides, a corn-on-the-Cobb pun was too good to pass up. Allison’s tall, lanky frame looks like a Charleston Chew, whose great taste is what’s truly important.Tight End: Jimmy Graham = SnickersLike Snickers and most of their commercials, Graham is indeed an all-time great. However, I feel like I rarely hear about them being talked about nowadays as a top option, which is honestly a bit unfair.Offensive Line = StarburstsDavid Bakhtiari = pinkLane Taylor = yellow (lemon)Corey Linsley = orangeByron Bell = yellow (banana)Bryan Bulaga = redThe line always gets lumped together, but we had to do that here. There is of course a clear hierarchy in quality, both in the Packers’ line and in Starburst flavor, and we at APC put a lot of thought into ranking these. But pink is objectively the best.DEFENSEDefensive LineKenny Clark = Clark barMike Daniels = Hershey’s barDuh, of course Kenny Clark is a Clark bar. But beyond just the name, there’s a valid comparison here; Clark bars are perennially underrated, and you almost never see them around this time of year. Likewise Montravius Adams Jersey , Clark’s name still doesn’t come up much nationally when discussing the best defensive tackles in the league.As for Daniels, he does the grunt work and makes everybody else better by eating up double teams and motivating other players as a vocal leader. He’s a lot like standard milk chocolate, which is critical in bringing out the flavors in so many other candy bars. On its own it’s solid, but doesn’t rack up the acclaim, but its impact is really felt when looking at others.Outside LinebackersClay Matthews: Necco WafersNick Perry: 100 GrandWhen he entered the league, Matthews was amazing. He was the perfect prototype of what a pass-rusher should be. Now that he’s getting old, he just can’t hold up when compared to the newcomers and he has really lost his luster.Perry comes with a fat contract, but he has just 8.5 sacks in 19 games since signing it, leaving him feeling like a bit of a letdown. Likewise, the 100 Grand sounds fancy and expensive, but when you eat one it’s never really special.Inside LinebackersBlake Martinez: Kit KatOren Burks: Hershey’s Cookie Layer CrunchKit Kats are solid and they do their job. Everybody likes them, nobody absolutely loves them. They’re an essential part of any Halloween mix, but they’ll never truly be the star. Sound like any linebackers you know?Meanwhile we have one of Hershey’s newest offerings, the cookie layer crunch bars. There are multiple options, showing off versatile ingredients that sometimes work really well together and sometimes don’t. The jury is still out on whether it will really become a solid part of the lineup, however.CornerbacksJaire Alexander: Sour Patch KidsKevin King: Cadbury Creme EggTramon Williams: Werther’s OriginalLike Sour Patch Kids, Alexander will smack you right in the mouth at the start, then clean up at the end with some seriously sweet plays on the football:A Cadbury Creme Egg isn’t always available in the fall, but when it is Aaron Ripkowski Jersey White , it’s really good. Kevin King, anyone?Finally, like Williams, Werther’s have been around forever, but they’re still serviceable, albeit not likely to excite anyone.SafetiesKentrell Brice: MentosJermaine Whitehead: Tic TacsBrice has been pretty meh this year, with a few moments of explosively bad play when put in the wrong situation. Mike Pettine should really find ways to keep the offense from getting him matched up against Diet Coke.Whitehead is a versatile player; Tic Tacs are a breath mint, a fruity candy, and now gum! They do lots of things! But you’d still really rather see something better in your candy bucket, wouldn’t you?SPECIAL TEAMSMason Crosby & JK Scott: Left/right Twix barsNever mind that they both kick with their right foots; Twixes generally get the job done and you have to have them to fill out a roster. Aside from when you leave one out of the wrapper for too long and it gets stale and misses five kicks in one game or shanks a punt, they generally don’t let you down. After plenty of speculation over the past several months, this is the first report that confirms the reason for Madison not reporting to training camp.-WisconsinLast year, the Green Bay Packers selected offensive lineman Cole Madison in the fifth round of the 2018 NFL Draft. The team expected Madison to compete for a position on their offensive line, as a starting guard, backup tackle, or both. However, when training camp arrived, Madison did not, and the team’s only explanation was that he was dealing with a “personal matter.”On Monday Womens Jermaine Whitehead Jersey , Michael Cohen of The Athletic provided the first report of the specifics of Madison’s absence, a situation that has been rife with speculation on the part of Packers fans and media alike. In this case, much of the speculation is accurate; Cohen’s report indicates that Madison stepped away from football as a result of the suicide of one of his close friends at Washington State University, quarterback Tyler Hilinski.Hilinski, who was posthumously diagnosed with CTE, took his own life in mid-January, following the Cougars’ bowl game. By that time, Madison was already deep into training for the NFL Draft scouting process, which explains his timeline for the rest of the year.Think about the hectic schedule that Madison went through during the first half of 2018. Immediately after his team’s bowl game, he leaves to start preparing for the Scouting Combine. He gets a break from that for a week to spend in Mobile at the Senior Bowl, but even with that he’s stuck in a two-month sprint to get ready for Indy at the end of February.It’s entirely likely that after Hilinski’s suicide on January 16th, Madison simply could not process it properly, because a brief break to attend a memorial service can provide only a small amount of respite.Following the Combine, March is full of preparations for Pro Day, followed by official visits to NFL teams. Then there’s the Draft itself in April, after which Madison is thrown immediately into rookie minicamp, OTAs, and mandatory minicamp after that. The first time he would actually get to take a bit of a breather would be the six-week break between minicamp and the start of training camp.Try to put yourself in Madison’s shoes at that time. You’ve been moving nonstop since your season ended, with virtually no time to properly react or process your friend’s death. It’s entirely reasonable for a person to re-evaluate his decisions once there is an opportunity to take a break from the craziness of that several-month span.Indeed Womens Brett Favre Jersey , that’s what it looks like Madison did. After the Packers drafted him, he participated in all of the offseason workouts through minicamp, but it seems that the break before training camp was his chance to finally process what happened. To make matters even more complicated, Cohen notes, it was during that break that Hilinski’s CTE diagnosis was released.There may be multiple factors in play for Madison. One is simply emotional distress, an explanation that has commonly been speculated online. There is also the possibility that seeing the CTE diagnoses associated with his friend made him entirely re-evaluate his attitude toward football. NFL fans have seen players retire early from the game in recent years amid concerns about head injuries — former Wisconsin Badgers and 49ers linebacker Chris Borland is one of the most prominent examples. If that is playing a part for Madison, that would be understandable as well.The Packers, for their part, are handling this as professionally as possible. In regards to such a deeply private matter, they have chosen not to reveal any information, seemingly preferring to allow Madison himself to address the situation if and when he is ready. It’s simply the right thing to do, particularly if Madison has expressed any desire to keep his thoughts and feelings private.In short, we now know with certainty what event spurred Madison to step away from football last summer, even if we still do not yet know the specific reasons he has done so. The Packers appear to be respecting his wishes by not giving any details, and even if he never ends up publicly discussing why he stepped away from the sport, let’s all hope that he — along with everyone else affected by this tragedy — gets whatever help he may need to heal.
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Re: rs in play for Madison. One is simply emotional distress

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